Oasis Labs Collaborates with a16zCrypto, Binance Labs et all to Establish a Start-up Hub for Blockchain

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Oasis Labs, a blockchain cloud computing platform, has announced a collaboration with renowned names in venture and crypto capital that will result in the launch of Oasis Startup Hub, a blockchain tech hub. The firm made this news known on October 8 at the San Francisco Blockchain Week.

The aim of the Oasis Startup Hub, according to Oasis Labs, is to oversee the creation of a suitable environment for investors, industry key players, blockchain developers, and technologists to collaborate with each other.

According to the firm’s press release, participants of the hub will be given ‘early access’ to the newest technology disruptions by Oasis. In addition, engineers from Oasis Labs will also provide technical support to those who might need it.

Major names involved in the collaboration include Binance Labs, Accel, Polychain Capital, Pantera Capital, and a16z Crypto, Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto venture fund. The function of these partners is to guide developers on the proper techniques to build decentralized applications (DApps) that are solely based on the protocol of Oasis Labs.

CEO of Oasis Labs and professor at UC Berkeley, Dawn Song, noted that the “hub was designed to bring experts together for invaluable interactions around how to design, build, and deliver exciting new applications.”

In July, Oasis Labs, which is located in Berkeley, California, announced that it had successfully raised $45 million in funds from investors, including some of the already listed investors above such as Binance, a16zCrypto, Accel, and Pantera Capital.

This collaboration orchestrated by Oasis Labs is coming on the heels of a report by Deloitte, one of the Big Four consulting and audit firms, wherein it cited some of the major obstacles plaguing the blockchain industry, such as the complex nature of blockchain applications and the apparent lack of standardization, that must be duly overcome if the technology is to deployed on a mass scale.

In summary

A startup hub that will ensure the smooth collaboration between industry key players, blockchain developers, technologists, and investors have been launched by Oasis Labs in conjunction with major crypto industry names such as Binance Labs, Accel, and Polychain Capital.

This hub will allow participants to access Oasis Labs’ newest technology disruptions in addition to providing them technical support from engineers of the firm.

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