How to Mine Cryptocurrency with Your Android Smartphone

The possibilities seem to be endless with the advent of crytptocurrencies and its underlying Blockchain technology and one of such possibilities is the ability for anyone with an Android smartphone and internet connectivity to earn money through the mining of cryptocurrencies.

While some notable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will require specialized equipment to be able to mine successfully and profitably, others like Monero can be easily mined using the processing power of your Android smartphone.

There are a number of mining service providers and platforms that can help make this quest of mining cryptocurrency using just the processing power of your Android phones possible. It should be noted however that you will have to do proper research to tell real crypto mining service providers from fake ones.

Platforms like MinerGate can help convert your smartphone into a money-making machine. You simply have to install MinerGate app onto compatible Android smartphone device. Fortunately, requirements for MinerGate are not too onerous – your smartphone would have to be at least an Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and have at least 30 MB in free space. You will find the MinerGate app in the Google play store which every Android smartphone should ideally have access to.

After the app is downloaded, you go ahead to create an account and follow instructions within to help you start mining. Steps are pretty much simple for all levels of Cryptonites!

You can gauge your mining progress and profitability using a simple admin dashboard on the platform. Embedd within the app are other features that enable chats and conversations with other platform users. This does not only serve as a community connecting tool but could also be used as a medium of education and capacity building.

There are some other such easy-mining service providers replete within the crypto-space. Monero’s own Mining App is worth mentioning – you are able to also install this on your Android Smartphone for easy mining. CoinHive is also quite popular with Android smartphone miners and new ones like PacketMining  are also beginning to make inroads.

The Blockchain tech space is a fast moving and dynamic one that levels the playing field for billions around the globe and it is hopeful that within a short possible time, many more will attain much financial freedom and inclusion as digital innovation is fostered.