Market Leaders will be Present at Blockchain Life 2018 Summit in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia – The Blockchain Life conference is just about a month away. The event remains a the key event for the crypto industry. From Wednesday November 7 until Thursday November 8, Blockchain enthusiasts from around the global will be attending the Blockchain Life Forum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Speakers for the event are prominent persons within the industry. New speakers  added include the creators of Telegram channel “10 dollars of Buffet” (Alik Arslanov and Artem Popov) and other influential industry persons.

In total, there will be more than 80 international speakers and 11 panel discussions have been penned down to be discussed at the event. Some of the topics to be discussed are:

– Cryptocurrencies trading. How to make profit in a falling market ?

– Crypto foundations. Secrets of successful investments.

– World leaders in the sphere of cryptocurrency exchanges. Secrets and insides.

– Blockchain — technology features in 2018. Blockchain introduction into business.

– Actual trends of the cryptocurrencies market.  

– ICO and crypto projects advertisment. New and efficient traffic channels.

– Secrets of successful ICO in 2018.

– State and Blockchain.

– Technological solutions for crypto industry.

– Legal aspects of crypto world.

– Efficient mining. Problems and solutions.

Particpants should also lookout for surprise guest speakers. One surprise speaker for last year was Herman Klimenko who is an advisor of the Russian president. This year also, there will likely be appearances by Russian government persons. Blockchain Founders and CEOs of world companies in industry and celebrities announcement will also be passing through.

ICO projects also have a great opportunity to be presented to the largest Asian and European foundations in the frameworks of ICO Pitch. The number of slots for presentation is being taken up quickly.

Tickets are almost sold out, as such it is imperative that interested participants visit the event website to make purchases before tickets run out completely.