ICO Focus: Interview With Vladislav Artsemyev of Scorum

ICOWatchlist had a chat with Vladislav Artsemyev, CEO for Scorum about his project and the following is the documented conversation;

Hello Vladislav, kindly introduce us briefly to the Scorum project?

Scorum is a blockchain based sports media platform that rewards its active users with cryptocurrency.

Our mission is to jumpstart the sports media evolution and enable community members to be fairly rewarded for sharing their passion for sports. By harnessing the merits of blockchain technology, Scorum is building a cross-platform sports media source founded on these three principles:

  1. Our cryptocurrency will be supported by real economic stimulants.
  2. All participants within the system must benefit from their engagement.
  3. Profit distribution should be objectively fair and moderated by the user community.

 What inspired the vision for this project?

Each month 1 billion sports fans generate 8.5 billion visits to a variety of sports websites. Traditionally, those visits yield profits for sports media. Given this background, the shift in social media spaces as news sources, and the consistent growth and appeal of the sports industry worldwide, Scorum has positioned itself on the cutting edge of a paradigm shift in the way people interact and value their internet habits.

The Scorum model seems like a very easy way for people to earn some income. Will Scorum be making people rich over night?

We don’t promise overnight riches, what we are creating is a more enriching fan experience.

The hype around making quick money in cryptocurrency is part of what makes it irresistible. Scorum is not creating its own cryptocurrency as a speculative coin. The amount of income our users make depends on a myriad of factors. Active and talented authors who create captivating content and build loyal readership within the platform should be well rewarded. And readers will get rewards for curating and commenting on that content. Our blockchain protocol allows this economy to be completely scalable with fast and free transactions so the system is certainly designed to reward valuable engagement.

In which countries will the Scorum platform be accessible?

The blogging platform and the accompanying statistics center will be available for sports fans all over the world unless blocked by countries with very strict website restrictions.

Scorum does not require users to purchase any of our cryptocurrency in order to participate within the platform, upon registration, they will get a Scorum Power token bonus that enables  the internal reward system.

The commission-free betting exchange will only be available to users in countries that allow online betting. As our exchange is not a means of revenue for Scorum or its users, we will offer it as a service only where it meets local gambling regulations.

Briefly introduce us to your team and how they come together to make the Scorum project work?

We have a team of about 30 multidiscipline professionals based in Minsk, Belarus.

The four co-founders have spent the last few years working in fantasy sports, game theory, professional poker, and digital journalism. Over time these interests intersected with the emerging innovations from blockchain technology and the Scorum project came to life.

I (Vladislav Artemyev), a Co-founder and CEO has been a leader in the tech industry for 12 years, founding the most popular fantasy sports portal for the Russian language market and leading innovative software development for poker software.

Co-founder and UX/UI Director Andrei Filipovich has over 10 years of experience in UX/UI. He has worked with Google, Thomson Reuters, IMAX, and held the position of a Lead Experience Designer at Epam Systems, one of the largest software outsourcing companies in the world.

Co-founder and Operations Manager Nikolai Pobol is the first private investor and business angel for Scorum. He is currently responsible for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the day to day operations of the company.

Co-founder and Chief Sports Analyst Alexey Belov has more than 8 years of experience as a professional sports journalist and editor with over 500 publications

Our advisory board includes IT executives, a legal guidance from a San Francisco-based attorney who specializes in launching start-ups in the blockchain industry, and prominent athletes. We’ve teamed up with NBA star Timofey Mozgov, Olympic Champion Alexandra Patskevich, and other pros across major sports to bring their experience and professional insight to Scorum. 

Where do you see the Scorum project in two years?

In two years Scorum will be the one-stop platform for millions of sports fans and pros around the world. They will be getting the latest news, updates, and analysis about their favorite teams, clubs and athletes on Scorum’s mobile app or website.

Using the cryptocurrency rewards in their accounts, they can place commission-free bets (millions of fiat money will migrate to Scorum commission free exchange), purchase high-quality live streams of upcoming events, get discounted tickets to local matches and games, or even score the latest sneakers their favorite athlete wears.

Briefly run us through how the process of SCR token sale will be done?

Our token crowdsale starts on 14 January 2018 at 16:00 GMT and has a hard cap of 18.6 million SCR, 1.6M of which have already been sold during our presale. The following 2M SCR will be sold first at a discount of 25% from nominal value (1 USD). Token purchasers interested in a discount can apply for our whitelist to lock in their tokens pre-crowdsale (email to [email protected]).

SCR token purchasers will create an account through our website. There they will get all the information about where to send either ETH or BTC once the crowdsale begins. They will receive confirmation of their purchase. After the sale has finished, SCR holders will receive their tokens in their account once we publish the blockchain.

Thanks for Making time for this Vladislav, we wish you a successful crowdsale.

Thank you too, you guys have been very responsive.

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