ICOWatchlist and GoldFord Fintech Partner to make Incursions into the Asian Market

GoldFord Fintech, is one of the leading Blockchain inclined technological development, professional consultancy services and venture capital firms in the Greater China and Asian region has forged a partnership with ICOWatchlist a global token sale/ ICO listing platform. The agreement was reached last week and an MoU signed to seal this formidable partnership which will inure to the benefit of the Blockchain start-up ecosystem.

In the wake of a growing tokenization industry, these two firms will help to properly position Blockchain start-ups to receive funding from astute investors. Blockchain projects will be afforded various services to help prepare them for their token sale events depending on the stage of preparation for each project team. Affiliation of these start-ups with either of the two partnership firms, i.e GoldFord Fintech and ICOWatchlist, will ensure that they will be receiving services at a subsidized and reasonably priced rate.

The partnership has been borne out of the acute need for Blockchain start-ups to get it right pre, during and post ICO. This has been particularly necessitated by the peculiar needs and challenges the industry has faced and continues to face. There is the need to put in systems to ensure proper growth within the space and the two firms are working to do just that. This way, projects get to be afforded the right strategic network, enterprise experience and seed funding opportunities.

Interested Blockchain projects or ICOs will get the opportunity to be part of the GoldFord accelerator and be given ICO and Blockchain and even traditional business advisory. Generally, the projects will get turnkey solutions from technology development, business solutions, advisory services and education in digital marketing across the globe. Some member companies of the GoldFord accelerator are Cloudbric, Viteapp, Thepower.io and many others.

A number of companies who have been guided under this umbrella have had significant fund raise through token sales and have gone further to begin implementing their project under proper tutelage and guidance. Some of the companies are Cloudbric, uRunit,  Metaverse and Acorn Collective to name a few.

This partnership between GoldFord Fintech and ICOWatchlist will ensure that the right Blockchain start-ups are served and afforded an opportunity to see their projects some into fruition so as to help them attain their goals and objectives. ICO teams will also get the opportunity to pitch their projects to investors in the Greater China and Asian markets during periodic GoldFord Fintech events mostly held in Hong Kong. These investors include tech and finance savvy persons, incubators and accelerators as well as Blockchain and traditional VC firms.

The service delivery is robust so much so that post token sale, project token listings are facilitated with prominent crypto-exchanges such as OKEX, Huobi, BTCC and others. This is in attestation of the fact that the ultimate priority is to help contribute to a sound Blockchain economy by ensuring that the tokens are useful and backed by viable businesses.