ICO Focus: Interview With the Yumerium Team

Yumerium CEO, Jikhan Jung  and some of his other colleagues (Francisco Martin – CCO and Sean) speak to ICOWatchlist about their project and its upcoming token sale;


Hello Jikhan, what was the inspiration behind the Yumerium project? (Jikhan)

I have been in the gaming more than 30 years as a gamer and 15 years as a professional working on game service. Every time we have new hardware and new business model shown in the market, I have seen big opportunity in gaming world arise.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is a game changer that might be almost similar impact to the industry when the internet came out for many reasons. The biggest thing is nature of cryptocurrency is being the medium for rewarding players as a ownership of the protocol.

Game has been changing from the product to the service as free-to-play business model introduced. Influencers and gamers are getting more and more important part for the game service to be successful. By distributing Yumerium tokens to the people who participate our service the most, the eco-system will be beneficial making borderless between the company and the players. This Yumerium token will be of course being used for playing games, but at the same time will be source of project funding so that this could be the place for the gamers to find co-developer their idea, and when the game is ready, can be release the game at the eco-system so that it is easy to market.


What is the current size of your target market and how much market share do you envision that Yumerium will control in 2 years? (Jikhan)

Game market size as of today is little over a $100 Billion. By looking at how fast Blockchain is growing, we would like size at least 1% of market(1 Billion USD)within next 2 years, and eventually would like size 10% of market share(10 Billion USD) within 5 years of time. Since game market itself is also growing at least 10% every year, there is more potential for this to be doubled or even tripled.


How does your project stand out as compared to similar projects in the space?(Sean)

We can emphasize 5 main points

  1. Universal Currency at Platform

Games integrated with Yumerium use Yumerium token(YUM) that can be used to purchase game money or items in all games.


  1. Driver for Acquisition and Engagement

Yumerium will be allocating earnable Yumeriums to each games that join the platform from the “Seeding Fund”. Game developer can integrate the “earning” feature into their game to incentivize gamers to join the game.


  1. Gaming Community Reward

Game developers can set up rewards for the gamers with Yumerium as they want, e.g. giving out YUM for watching promotional videos, sharing links to social networks, leaving review for their game, etc. Through this reward system, gamers will be more incentivized to participate in the community proactively.


  1. Crowdfunding Platform

Yumerium will help indie game studios run crowdfunding campaign within Yumerium community. We will help indie game studios to run the campaign with Yumerium token incentives through Marketing Fund and the successfully funded games will get additional budget from the Marketing Fund that can be used for their launch marketing.


  1. Digital Asset Trading

Loyal gamers sometimes even fall victim to fraud cases when using third party item trading sites to trade their hard-earned game items. By using technologies at Yumerium, gamers can securely trade the value and asset they created


What are some monitoring and evaluation mechanisms you have put in place to ensure a transparent system for all stakeholders?(Francisco)

From a technical side, we will be posting the ERC20 smart contract, the Yumerium native token smart contract and the Yumerium SDK as open source for all to see and modify on GitHub. This will allow stakeholders to see how much is being accomplished on the technology side of Yumerium as well as assure that our systems are based on open security rather than security by obscurity.

From a consumer side, we will be updating the website with new games and features that are open for all users. We will also maintain a blog on the site and update it at least once a month. Finally, we intend to send emails to any urgent updates and include these on our White Paper.


How soon will your tokens be tradable on exchanges and any hints of which exchanges will be trading?(Jikhan)

We can not disclose regarding being on the exchange.

We have partial ownership of Exalab which is launching it’s own exchange around June.

and one of our advisory runs 2nd biggest exchange in Japan called Bitbank.


Briefly run us through the process of your token sale. (Sean)

Token Sale Schedule:
Pre-sale 1: 5/24 – 6/9 (30% discount)
Pre-sale 2: 6/10 – 6/25 (20% discount)
Pre-sale 3: 6/26 – 7/10 (10% discount)
Main Sale: 7/11 – 7/24 (5% discount)

Token Sale Steps:

  1. Visit us at https://yumerium.com/tokensales
  2. Fill out with your personal information to run KYC/AML
  3. Enter your desired purchase quantity of YUM
  4. Pay us with BTC or ETH
  5. Receive YUM in your wallet


Thanks for your time, we wish you a successful token sale (Jikhan)

Thank you too, we appreciate the effort.


For more details, follow the Yumerium ICO here.

Disclaimer: This write-up is sponsored and does not fully reflect the opinions of any ICOWatchlist employee. It is not an investment or trading guide. It is advisable that you do your own independent research.