ICO Focus: Interview With Yaroslav Shakula of NAU

ICOWatchlist had a chat with Mr. Yaroslav Shakula, Team Lead for NAU about their crowdsale and project and this is what ensued;

Hello Yaroslav, kindly tell us briefly what the NAU project is bringing to the market?

NAU is bringing the whole new kind of digital coupons, with the approach that creates a win-win ecosystem for the first time in this industry. It’s a superb marketing tool for retailers, fair reward system for affiliates and, of course, attractive offers for the end users (who can be affiliates themselves, too).

What inspired the vision for this project?

Creating an all-in-one efficient CPA and pay-per-sale tool for any local retailer whether it’s a big vendor or a small coffee shop around the corner is something that lived in my brain for years. Blockchain and token sale opportunities have finally made this possible.

What value proposition does NAU present that makes it different from similar projects in the space?

This is the first project in the digital coupons industry that creates a win-win paradigm for all the participant. Everyone wins: retailers get sales for an affordable price, customers enjoy bargain offers and affiliates make money for driving sales to retailers. Introducing tokens allows direct reward payment from retailers to users, which is otherway very difficult and expensive.

Are your services accessible globally or you are restricted to certain geographical jurisdictions?

NAU initial markets are Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia and Philippines. We aim to broaden our presence starting from 2018.

What is that key thing that makes the NAU team unique?

NAU is founded by Leadbit Group – a company with a few international projects in affiliate marketing and cash-on-delivery industries. The team has successfully launched and developed its presence on over 50 markets worldwide and it has got the necessary experience and expertise to build a huge story around NAU.

Which exchanges will be trading NAU tokens?

We are negotiating with some of Tier 1 exchanges and all the others. Within the month after we launch the project and distribute tokens, we plan to get listed on at least 3 exchanges.

Briefly run us through how the process of NAU token crowdsale will be done?

NAU has successfully raised $1.5M during its private presale. Now we are running the public presale round with 35% bonus to any contribution. After that we will run the main token sale round for 300M tokens (split to two stages with different price). In 2018 we will distribute the remaining amount of tokens during the performance based rounds, each active prior to launching NAU in a new country.

Thanks for having us Yaroslav, we wish you success with the crowdsale.

Thanks to your team as well, you have been very responsive to our cause.

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