ICO Focus: Interview with Joey Song of Cloudbric

Cloudbric COO, Joey Song details the company’s aims and objectives in an interview with us. You can read the full interview below;

Hello Joey, can you explain the Cloudbric business to us?

Cloudbric is an easy-to-use and accessible cybersecurity platform featuring a consolidated suite of security solutions targeting website, mobile device, and secure crypto wallet protection. In addition, Cloudbric aims to compile a decentralized cyber threat database to ensure that all enterprise organizations, governmental institutions, security developers, etc. can effectively secure their private data and digital assets.


There have been other projects in the space promising crypto-asset security, what will Cloudbric be doing differently from the rest?

One of the biggest differentiating factors of Cloudbric is that we can provide actual cybersecurity protection and filtering of attacks. To be more specific, most cybersecurity based ICOs and projects claim to offer cybersecurity, but they simply offer a decentralized threat database to alert you on what URLs, IP addresses, etc. are dangerous. They rarely ever offer an actual back-end product to block these attacks from targeting the end user. This is where Cloudbric is different. Not only will Cloudbric compile a decentralized cyber threat database, but we have ready-made solutions that can actually provide true protection against hackers (i.e. web application firewall, DDoS protection, CDN, secure crypto wallet, and mobile device protection in development). Also, Cloudbric has been an active security vendor for close to 4 years and understands how to run an award winning business, managing cash flow, proper go-to market strategies, etc.


What sets your Vision technology apart from other AI products on the market, particularly with respect to digital asset security?

VISION will be one of the first deep learning machines that will be able inspect and intelligently filter malicious web traffic information. The end user base needs to understand how difficult it is to truly build and teach a deep learning machine to process web traffic information since deep learning machines are originally equipped to process image files. Cloudbric’s R&D team was able to create a patented detection engine that successfully reads, understands and detects malicious web traffic behavior.


Can you explain the economics of your CLB token to us and how it would play out in relation to your business mandate?

Cloudbric will initially deploy a token staking system in order to allow users to gain access to our suite of cybersecurity solutions via our security platform. Users will need to deposit a select number of CLB tokens to their respective accounts to activate free cybersecurity servicing. However, by actively utilizing Cloudbric, adding more websites or devices to secure, or manually contributing new cyber threat data to our decentralized database will allow each user to earn CLB tokens on a daily basis. In effect, this would allow all users to access Cloudbric for free and even begin earning passive token revenue from utilizing our security solutions.

On the back-end, all of the attack logs that are compiled by Cloudbric will be made accessible as free to use tools on Cloudbric Labs or via custom APIs. Enterprise organizations can purchase our cyber threat data APIs to integrate into their pre-existing cybersecurity solutions to have the most up to date and comprehensive listing of threat information from around the world. Purchasing of APIs will be executed via CLB tokens.

Utilization of CLB tokens be done in a few methods. First, free access or token staking access of Cloudbric’s security suite will only be made available to personal end users. Enterprise organizations that would like to use Cloudbric’s suite of services will need to purchase monthly service plans. Purchasing will be available in fiat payments (to ease the initial transition of pre-existing customers) or via CLB tokens for a 50% discount.

Lastly, upon the completion of the ICO, Cloudbric will look to launch a diverse partnership network with complementary service providers, which is known as the Cloudbric Secure Web Alliance. Official partners of Cloudbric will be able to offer exclusive deals and services to our global user network with purchasing made via CLB tokens.


You had a successful presale recently, can you let us in on how you were able to pull it off particularly in the current difficult bear market?

Based on the ICO boom of 2017, a lot of projects were able to raise substantial amounts of funding for merely having an idea or whitepaper. In 2018, many private investors and funds were looking towards investing in projects with actual service experience, working products, etc. This is where Cloudbric played a major role as a reverse ICO. Due to our past service experience working with enterprise level clientele and award winning solutions, many private investors knew and trust Cloudbric as a service provider to expand servicing towards the Blockchain space.

In addition, unlike many ICO projects who looked for funding to launch their project concepts, Cloudbric is holding funding rounds to scale out its business. Our total public funding cap is extremely low compared to the vast amount of projects (10,000 ETH total) due to the fact that we are looking to allocate these funds towards immediate go-to market strategies, such as opening of more data centers/service infrastructure, and the final completion of product development.


How soon will your tokens be tradable on exchanges and any hints of which exchanges will be trading?

Our team is currently in talks with a few global exchanges and will be announcing some exciting news in the coming weeks!


Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

We successfully completed both of our pre-sales events in August and September and will conduct our open crowd sale on October 4th. Users are invited to fill out a KYC form and participate in the crowd sales prior to Cloudbric hitting the open market. We feel that with the momentum and interest generated from our pre-sales, we recommend users to participate in the crowd sale to hold our tokens for upcoming service launch and begin earning CLB tokens faster.


Thanks for your time Joey, we really appreciate it.

Thank you too, you have been awesome.


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