ICO Focus: Interview With Vladimir Dyakov of AB-Chain

Hello Vladimir. Kindly brief us about the AB-Chain project. How will your service stand-out from those already providing services for ICO start-ups in the space?

Firstly, as a company going through an ICO process we have a very real empathy for  the challenges and pain points  of companies undertaking ICO. Additionally, we are a crypto company for other crypto companies. Our aim is to provide them with the very best of service in maximising their advertising potential through:
  •  The provision of the widest variety of publishers that can offer effective consumption of advertising budget.
  •  Offering them the possibility to pay 100% in cryptocurrency even if the amount is superior to millions of dollars.
  •  Giving access to publishers that would traditionally not accept cryptocurrency payment.
  •  Taking out their need to convert cryptocurrency to fiat.

What inspired you to give birth to the idea for the project?

We all know that 2017 has been the year of ICOs. Most companies that raised funds through ICOs are actively developing their products. More than half have promised to make it available to the public by 2018. Once their products are on the market, these companies will need to advertise them. Today, most publishers do not accept cryptocurrencies, primarily because the general demand from traditional companies is not significant enough to justify the adoption of a new type of payment. However, by 2018 the advertising market will be facing an influx of companies raising through ICO, and therefore most of them will have their budgets in cryptocurrencies. AB-CHAIN will provide companies that have raised money through ICO with an ad network where they can buy online advertising using multiple types of cryptocurrencies and without the need to convert them to fiat. This avoids problems such as low liquidity in crypto market causing the value to fall when converted and local governments charges taxes over conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat. Startups usually spend 20 to 30% of their budgets on marketing and advertising and AB-CHAIN helps them stretch their budget further.

Congratulations on a very successful presale. In fact your presale is not yet over but it seems you are on track to reach your target and possibly even before the end date, how have you been able to pull this off?

It’s been a combination of planning, a great product, great people and strategic networking. Our company put together a great whitepaper so that we have a great amount of substance behind our company, not just hype or hot air. We were lucky to receive a tier 1 rating by a couple of ICO rating platforms, an ICO rating platform supported by investors and financial experts, with a rating of 4.8.  Risks for investors are considered low due to the transparency of the company’s whitepaper and the burning of the fraction of tokens which will lead to an increase in the token’s price. We have a great team of advisers behind us from the very sectors we aim to benefit: advertising networks and crypto companies. We also have a great following on facebook and other social media and active supporters who assist with helping us spread the word as well as a bounty program to really reward those supporters that go the extra mile. The Bounty Program consists of a pool of 1,000,000 ABC token (or 1%). These ABC tokens will be distributed to reward people for their assistance on marketing and community development effort.

Can you briefly tell us about your team and how the individuals work together to make the project fly?

AB-CHAIN is being developed by an experienced team of developers and business professionals with experience in fintech and advertising projects such as PIN bonus and QIWI Bonus. We have a distributed team that includes staff in Moscow, Hong Kong, Perm, Batui and Berlin meaning that we are always available to work and answer questions in multiple languages and provide customer service.

Are you already in talks with exchanges to trade the ABC tokens?

Yes, we have contacted to bittrex and poloniex but it’s a long way to go to be traded at such a big exchanges. We are also contacting to smaller ones. Also we are interested in having ABC tokens traded on different exchanges around and globe with Hong Kong being a preliminary focus, as such we are currently in contact with gatecoin.

Briefly run us through how the process of the main crowdsale will be co-ordinated?

The main Crowdfunding will take from October 23rd until December 25th 2017. A maximum of 68,500,000 ABC will be sold during the main Crowdfunding event and the highlights are as follows;
  • Target financing of $10,000,000.
  • One ABC will cost $0.30 USD for the first 5 days.
  • One ABC will then cost $0.35 USD from day 6 until the last day which is December 25th,2017 or if the last token is sold before then.
  • 68,500,000 ABCs will be sold during the Crowdfunding period (maximum cap 20,550,000 USD).
The minimum amount for contribution is pegged at 0.2 ETH or 0.015 BTC

Thanks for having us Vlad,  we wish you the best of luck with your Token Sale?

Thank you too.

For more details, follow the AB-Chain ICO here.


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