ICO Focus: Interview With Viacheslav Shybaiev of Modern Finance Chain

Modern Finance Chain’s Blockchain Architect, Viacheslav Shybaiev took time off to speak to ICOWatchlist about the project and the following was documented;

Hello Viacheslav, can you tell us in the simplest of terms what the MFChain project is all about?

Modern Finance Chain is a smart contract platform with direct commerce integration. Our vision is to create a platform that is community driven, makes it easy for all of us to user our cryptocurrency (as a currency) and provides even more value to new dApps and projects by immediately integrating their coin into real world commerce post ICO.


Many projects have made and are still making efforts to ensure wider cryptocurrency use by the mainstream economy, what will your project be doing differently that the others have not yet done?

Great question. The first is making it as easy as possible to use any cryptocurrency. Many blockchain projects like ours focuses on the use of only their coins, MF Chain is focused on providing users and merchants the freedom of choice when using MF Chain. If we want mass adoption of cryptocurrency, we need to unite. Can you image not being able to visit google.com on your Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac?


We are also already testing the integration of additional features within our application. ShapeShift is a major partner we are integrating with others coming very soon. The goal is to provide multiple options for merchants (and users) to swap coins directly within our app (and much more). Much of this will be accomplished by partnering with other blockchain projects. Our total vision is the integration of the best solutions provided by everyone’s favorite projects. We see ourselves not as a competitor to all other projects, but a partner.


Can you throw some light on the underlying technology of your platform in the simplest of terms?

Imagine a credit card processing machine, but for cryptocurrencies and instead of accepting Visa & Mastercard, you can pay with a hundred different currencies. Now imagine the iTunes store or Google Play store, but for cryptocurrency apps. Combine these two and you have Modern Finance Chain.


Where do you see MFX marketcap in the next 24 months?

We fully expect Modern Finance Chain to be a major player in 24 months. What we are most proud of is the development for our product, you can expect more of this from us. Our payment solution MVP was released 1 month ahead of schedule and we are already improving upon this as we speak. As we hit the market, the community can expect quality development vs over-hyped promises. We strongly believe MF Chain represents both short-term and long-term value to token holders.  


Any pointers on which exchanges might be first traders of your tokens?

We have officially announced a partnership with DDEX.io as the first exchange MFX tokens will be traded on post ICO. This partnership places us well ahead of our roadmap. We have a number of other exchanges we are in discussions with and will announce those as dates are finalized. We expect to be listed on 3-5 exchanges by August.


Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

We have made our token sale simple. We are running a live token generation event so token holders do not need to wait to receive their tokens. Additionally, we have streamlined the KYC/Whitelist process to be in one simple step. Here is the process:

  • Users submit all required information for our KYC process at https://mfchain.com/kyc/
  • All user information is directly sent to IdentityMind Global via SHA-256 Encryption
  • Once approved (usually takes a few minutes at most) the users ETH Wallet address is then automatically added to the smart contract whitelist
  • Users receive a verification email once approved and can check approval status at https://mfchain.com/lookup/
  • Listed on https://mfchain.com/lookup/ is the Modern Finance Chain contribution address
    • Please note that this is the ONLY approved location and website to review and verify contributing address
  • Users then simply send in their contribution to the address provided and MFX Tokens are directly sent back to the whitelisted wallet.
    • Items of Note:
      • Gas must be sent to 250000 for transaction to send properly
      • MFX Tokens will be locked to contributing wallet until the end of the token sale.

Thanks for your time Viacheslav, we wish you a successful token sale

Thanks to you and the team, we are delighted with the support so far.


For more details, follow the Modern Finance Chain ICO here.

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