ICO Focus: Interview With Vedran Kajic of CryptoTask

Hello Vedran, can you briefly introduce us to the CryptoTask project?

We are building a decentralized freelancing market, that we believe is a killer app blockchain has been waiting for. We pay special attention to scalability and possible attack vectors on the system.

Our benefits include ten times lower fees than centralized competition, earning dividends for reviewers,

no limit on the task size, no false reviews and more…

What was the event that gave you the call to action that led to the creation of CryptoTask?

Realizing that 30% of US workforce are freelancers, using centralized systems with huge fees, censorship, task value limits etc! Freelancers around the world are asking for a better system, and we will provide it through our platform.

What is the current market size for this niche industry and what is your primary target market?

1 trillion USD, all freelancers, especially those using centralized platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer.

Can you give us the various use cases for your project’s tokens?

It is the platform currency, used by clients, freelancers and also reviewers and all platform stakeholders are paid dividends in the native currency. It can of course be exchanged to BTC or other cryptocurrencies and then easily to fiat if needed.

What makes the CryptoTask team stand out?

Broad experience in both backend (solidity, etherization) and frontend dev (mobile games etc.)

Each team member has over 7 years of experience in their field, and we have been actively doing R&D in cryptocurrency niche for a few years.

Which exchanges will be trading the CTF tokens?

Hitbtc and others right after the ICO, more later of course.

Briefly run us through the process of how people can participate in both the Pre-ICO and main ICO?

All info is on www.cryptotask.org, basically make sure you send ETH from a wallet you control and not from an exchange. There is 100% bonus in pre-sale.

We strongly recommend MyEtherWallet, it is the easiest one to use.

Thank you for making time for this interview

Thank you for your interest in Cryptotask

For more details, follow the CrytpoTask ICO here.

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