ICO Focus: Interview With Sergey Grybniak of Opporty

Hello Sergey, can you briefly tell us what the Opporty project is all about?

Hello, thank you for your question, I am proud to share some information about Opporty.

Opporty is a service-focused, on-demand platform with a crypto-enabled marketplace. In short, it is a marketplace for small- and mid-sized businesses as well as individual service providers. This platform was designed to facilitate interactions between service providers and businesses, serving as a lead generation platform in some sense. Transactions are performed through an offer/request ecosystem, with the support of blockchain escrow. Opporty solves the main issue that hinders the development of small businesses – lack of quality customers, since the attraction of new customers is costly. Another issue is the lack of standards and transparency in doing business. Opporty solves these issues by means of strong smart-contracts.

Smart-contracts eliminate the threat of fraud and lawsuits. Opporty introduces a new means of social and commercial engagement, admitting companies to a powerful community of Opporty experts. Opporty features a knowledge-sharing platform that provides opportunities for users to build professional reputations. Companies making contributions to opporty’s knowledge sharing platform can position themselves as experts and establish their businesses as trustworthy options for consumers. The platform simplifies the search for leads and provides an effective way of reaching customers.

From the customer’s point of view, Opporty provides a means of finding reliable service providers. The platform is helpful for both individual and corporate customers, facilitating both B2B and B2C interactions. Opporty has based its crypto-functionality on the Ethereum blockchain, simplifying the administration of commercial smart contracts and ensuring their enforceability.

Gamification is another distinguishing feature of Opporty. By fulfilling certain actions, users can earn OPP tokens and use them to gain access to a variety of Opporty services, and to purchase the services of other users. They can also exchange tokens for fiat currency, which is very reassuring in an environment where tokens are highly volatile.

Kindly touch on Opporty’s unique features and how they will benefit users.

Opporty provides its users with a lead generation platform where service providers can interact with customers. What sets Opporty apart from other lead-gen platforms is our focus on the mitigation of risks to facilitate secure interactions. Furthermore, Opporty provides free responses to user requests. Once a provider has registered a company on Opporty, they acquire a certain number of free responses. This ensures a balance between established loyal customers and newcomers. New users are given an opportunity to compete with established companies. Once they have spent their free responses, they can purchase more through Opporty’s admin panel.

Contribution of content and helping the community are the quickest and simplest ways to earn additional responses. The rating of registered companies is flexible, allowing companies to boost their ratings by performing certain activities on the platform. In addition to sharing content, ranking is influenced by customer reviews. Put simply, Opporty incentivizes users to make contributions to the community by sharing content and enriching other users.

Perhaps the most important feature of Opporty is self-regulation. Opporty does not interfere in the business activities between two parties. Instead, Opporty gives users the opportunity to choose community leaders and experts to supervise the execution of smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain. Such supervision will help resolve conflicts between service providers and customers. This is the escrow system that was mentioned earlier.

What is the primary geographic concentration of your target market?

The process of reaching new countries is divided into four stages. During the first stage, Opporty will reach out to US-based businesses and other English speaking countries, such as the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, etc.

Once the platform gains success in those countries, the second stage will encompass the Chinese market. Opporty will provide frictionless interactions between non-Chinese companies operating in China, encouraging them to offer and provide services to the considerable base of Chinese customers.

There are many customers in the CIS market. Reaching countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus will take place in the third stage. Opporty strives to provide the best and most secure conditions for conducting business in highly competitive and volatile environments.

The last stage will reach out to markets in Asia, Africa and South America. During this stage we will build a multilingual community for service providers and entrepreneurs. This community will enable users to do business globally in a productive and efficient manner.

Tell us about the team members helping to execute the project.

We have assigned our team members to their tasks according to their talents and strengths. Our team is our greatest asset, and I am proud to have each member on Opporty’s team. We have dedicated blockchain division in our in-house team. Our team of advisors provides us with indispensable insights, helping us to tackle multiple challenges as we develop. Our team is coherent and goal-oriented. From my side, as I share my vision for Opporty, I see that every member understands their role, and we are  able to work coherently as a team to reach our business goals. I appreciate the team’s innovative approach to performing their individual jobs, and to fulfilling each task to bring us closer to our ultimate business objective.

Where do you see the value of OPP Tokens in the medium to long term, and what is the ultimate benefit for token holders?

The value of OPP tokens is supported by the value Opporty brings to its customers. Opporty tokens enable customers to pay for services once all conditions of an agreement are fulfilled. Users can use tokens to lease advertising space, buy subscriptions and promote their businesses. Opporty’s platform strives to expand its functionality, increasing the value of OPP tokens by introducing new features like Escrow support, AI functionality and DAO. All these new features provide the solid foundation for tokens and their values. Value of tokens is not only stable but will rise with each step of Opporty’s  development.

Briefly tell us how Opporty’s token sale will proceed.

Currently we are preparing for our upcoming token sale. For this purpose we have registered the OPP token, which is a ERC-20 currency. The next stage is the registration of our token on the main ICO tracking platforms. Once all preparation are completed, we will begin our public presale on December 27,  2017 and it will end on January 25th, 2018. There will be a closed presale that people can participate in by joining a whitelist. We plan to distribute our tokens in two phases. During the first phase we will sell 400,000,000 OPP. Any tokens remaining after the first phase will be locked, to be used during the second phase. We will not burn any tokens.  During the second phase we will sell 250,000,000 OPP.  The total amount of tokens to be distributed equals one billion OPP, hard-capped at 80000 ETH. Once we collect this amount, we will terminate the ICO. To incentivize our investors to support our development, we have prepared bonuses. The highest bonus will be awarded to investors who manage to buy tokens the first day of the sale. We have also announced our bounty, and will release 5% as bounty for each phase. These rewards are designed to incentivize users who have supported us during our preparation for the ICO.

Sergey thanks for making time for this interview. We wish you a successful crowdsale.

Thanks you too.

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