ICO Focus: Interview With Sebastian Forbes of Scrinium

Scrinium CEO, Sebastian Forbes speaks to us about the project and its ongoing ICO;

Hello Sebastian, kindly introduce us to the Scrinium project?

Scrinium is a decentralized token that operates using smart contracts and data analytics to maximize investor returns.

By conducting performance analysis of millions of traders around the world, it creates a portfolio based on the actions of traders whose trading and performance align with the investor’s requirements for safety and return.

Not only does this provide easy access to advanced analytics, it gives investors access to advanced trading methods without the cripplingly high fees and tax burden that often accompanies such trading.

What inspired you to start the Scrinium project?

Scrinium came as an idea long ago, as I have had a chance of looking into different copy trading and social trading solutions. With new technologies in action we are finally able to implement what was only a concept a few years ago. This idea was shaped by years of experience and by looking at the market and at how people use existing solutions and that’s when we realised we want to do something better, and include all participants of the process: trader, investor and liquidity provider into benefits.

What peculiar features do the Ethereum blockchain have that made you decide on using it for your platform?

Ethereum is the most reliable platform, that minimises any change of fraud or hacker attacks – that was the main reason why we chose ETH

In which countries will your services be accessible and what are the steps you will be taking to address possible governmental interference that might occur as China did with their local exchanges?

We are consulting with monetary institutions of our jurisdiction in case a new regulation is introduced on the market. We’re equipped with all the necessary legal and material base for that and are prepared for any turn of events. Since we’re not an exchange of any kind, but providing services, there’s nothing to worry about.

Which exchanges will be trading SCR tokens?

We are at the negotiations stage with digital assets exchanges and liquidity providers at the moment, so you will be informed about any confirmed partnerships closer to product release date. Token.store is the first exchange, SCR will be available on.

Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

We have divided token sale into two parts: Pre-ICO was running from December 11 till January 11th and all the coins available for sale, namely 18 000 000 SCR were sold out! 30% bonus was also enabled during pre-ICO sale.

ICO is running right now and ends on March 11. 1st week was highlighted by 20% bonus.  Scrincoins are selling now with 15% bonus (from Feb.18th till Feb. 25th) . 10% bonus will be available during the third week – from 25th of February to 4th of March. The last week of the ICO will be selling out the coins that are left. Altogether we are issuing 28 800 000 Scrincoins for ICO stage. It’s 19 324 579 SCR available now so we advise to hurry up and benefit from all the bonuses we offer.

Buying coins is easy: you have to register an ERC-20 compatible ETH wallet, sign up (link?) on our website and follow the wizard. You can contribute ETH or BTC. The coins will be credited within 7 days from ICO end date.

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Thanks for your time Sebastian

Thanks to you too ICOWatchlist, I appreciate your devotion to the community.

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