ICO Focus: Interview With Rob May of BotChain

Rob May, CEO of BotChain speaks to ICOWatchlist about their project;

Rob can you briefly introduce us to the BotChain project:

BotChain is a ​decentralized​ ​bot​ ​registration, ​identification,​ ​collaboration,​ ​and​ ​audit platform​ ​built​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Ethereum​ ​blockchain.

Setting the standard for bot compliance, BotChain allows bot developers, enterprises, software companies and system integrators to verify bot identity, audit interactions and control the boundaries of bot autonomy. By driving developmental software standards and creating a marketplace of developers and users, BotChain incentivizes bot innovation and adoption through secure and powerful intelligent machine usage within a range of enterprise environments.

As bot adoption and innovation accelerates, the mainstream failures are frightening. Software is becoming more intelligent; creating more powerful and less predictable bots. And yet, critical systems, standards and means to validate, certify and manage the millions of bots and billions of transactions are effectively non-existent. Autonomous technology holds massive potential but is dangerously under supported.

BotChain solves the fundamental limiting issue of ‘black box’ opacity in how A.I.’s make decisions and operate. The solution provides easy means to understand and improve bot responses and choices, while creating a vibrant ecosystem where bot software and service innovations are shared. This improves the quality and availability of autonomous agent technologies worldwide.

BotChain is a decentralized platform developed by a partnership of like-minded bot and AI companies representing more than 50,000 developers and upwards of 150,000 enterprise and consumer facing bots that interact with nearly 400 million end-users globally.  The BotChain team brings decades of entrepreneurial experience building large scale business applications and networks.


What will BotChain do differently from other similar projects and blockchain?

The market opportunity for BotChain was identified by the team at Talla Inc while building autonomous agents for enterprises, and was reinforced by other bot builders who saw the same need. This is a very focused solution, targeting a real and growing pain point for this ecosystem, and as far as we know there are no projects trying to solve this problem – on blockchain or otherwise.

Most other projects at the intersection of AI and blockchain are gating resources. BotChain is a services platform to reduce friction, accelerate growth, and amplify trust in this ecosystem.


How will the recent drop in market prices impact your crowdsale and project as a whole?

The drop in prices and general skittishness of the market is an expected recalibration after the exuberance of 2017. This should rightly make ICO contributors more careful about where they focus their efforts, which should lead to increased project diligence and a flight to quality. This is excellent news for projects like BotChain, who are solving a real market problem, using a necessary and appropriate use of blockchain technology and backed by teams of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and operators.

How do you plan to build an ecosystem of users around the project?

We take an ecosystem-first approach to building the BotChain network. We have an active Partner program, where we work with highly screened and qualified partners to collaboratively build out functionality that meets the evolving business needs of this community. These partners are appropriately motivated for the platform to succeed and are powerful evangelists for BotChain. Bot and AI developers who are interested in becoming BotChain partners can apply at https://botchain.network/partners . We are also working with auditors and bot customers, who will require BotChain certification and audit capability from their AI providers.

Once the platform is launched into production in May, developers and users can participate directly in the project, and we will be rewarding early adopters for their contributions to building out the platform. There will also be opportunities for earning BotCoin by providing services that are inherent to the functionality of the platform (e.g. identity verification, node hosting, etc).


How soon will your tokens be tradable on exchanges and any hints of which exchanges will be trading?

Our ICO will be hosted by Orderbook.io, an ICO platform and decentralized token exchange.

Partner tokens will be available for use immediately after our May launch. All other tokens have lockups that range from 30 days after close of crowdsale to 12 months after platform launch. Tokens available in the public pre-sale and the crowdsale will be available 30 days after close of the crowdsale, to be held later this year.


Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

Our Whitelist is currently open, and we are in the midst of our Private Sale for accredited investors looking to contribute $50K or more ($100K for funds). (https://botchain.network/token-sale )

The pre-sale requires KYC/AML verification for all participants, and accreditation for some countries, including USA. Our KYC/AML, accreditation verification, and token sale is supported by Orderbook, an ICO platform and decentralized token exchange developed by Ambisafe.

Contributors who complete their Whitelist registration by May 6 will be eligible for our Early Access sale, starting May 8 4pm UTC for 48 hours, where BotCoin will be available at a guaranteed 25% discount for as long as supplies last. (Minimum contribution of $20K or equivalent)

Our Standard Pre-sale runs May 11 to June 28, or until all tokens are sold. Minimum purchase is $10K. Discount starts at 25% and reduces to 0 as more tokens are sold.

Our Crowdsale will take place this fall, with a minimum purchase of $100, if tokens remain.

Thank you Rob, We wish you a successful crowdsale

Thank you too.

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