ICO Focus: Interview With Rick Feiner of Foreground

Foreground CEO Rick Feiner had a chat with ICOWatchlist and this is what ensued;

Hello Rick, can you briefly tell us what the Foreground project is about?

Foreground’s mission is to bring affiliate marketing to the world of cryptocurrency. We provide instant affiliate programs through a low cost, blockchain powered interface. These affiliate programs work for both the traditional internet, and for the rapidly growing decentralized web — including for ICOs.  

What inspired the vision for this project?

Foreground started as a hobby project that was built for a local Chicago Ethereum meetup. Soon after the first demo of the project we got immediate interest in the project by ICO issuers. The viability of the project as a business became clear rather quickly.

Because the project was started in January, we’re prepared to launch our beta to production in the coming weeks. This is a great differentiator in the ICO space because many ICOs are peddling vaporware rather than real, working products.

This is the first time a project has tried to tackle issues of affiliate marketing on decentralized web (web 3.0). How will the Foreground platform make it happen in this specific instance?

The Foreground go-to-market strategy has three steps:

  1. Bring affiliate marketing to the fiercely competitive, $3 billion ICO space.
  2. Expand our offering to anyone selling goods for cryptocurrency (exchanges, crypto-retailers, etc…)
  3. Attack the global affiliate market, including the market for home goods, fashion products, sporting goods, and just about anything else.

We’re already receiving traction in step one, so the future looks bright for us.

Are your project tokens only usable in the affiliate marketing industry?

Yes. Our tokens function as coupons for advertisers who want to run affiliate marketing programs.

Briefly introduce us to your team?

Foreground is partnered with Productive Edge, a fast-growing digital transformation consultancy based out of Chicago. We have a small team of very experienced software consultants working on the project, including two software architects (Shane van Coller, Sergey Ilin), one designer (Michael Grandy), one technical advisor (Evan Roth), one person in business development (Scott Nelson), and myself. Collectively we have decades of software development experience on a wide range of projects.   

Where do you see the Foreground project in two years?

In two years Foreground will be the most well known way to advertise your ICO and we’ll be transitioning from crypto-specific offerings into the global affiliate market.

Briefly run us through how the process of DEAL token sale will be done?

The DEAL token sale starts on November 28th at 00:00 UTC. Early purchasers get a very steep 60% discount. We won’t be having a pre-sale, and the tokens are first-come-first-served. We have a hard-cap set at 25,000 ETH that ensures a low supply of DEAL tokens.

This was an enjoyable conversation Rick, we wish you all he best with your ICO

Thank you ICOWatchlist, you have been a great ally.

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