ICO Focus: Interview With Omar Hj Ibrahim of REBGLO

REBGLO’s CEO, Omar Ibrahim speaks to ICOWatchlist about the project;

Hello Omar, briefly introduce us to what the project REBGLO is about?

Rebglo is an organization that aims to revolutionized business globally. Here our initial takes are on the mobile devices and the digital arena, one that’s utilizing energy to power up their devices and systems. What we want to achieve is to contribute in providing better energy efficiency solutions and ultimately do our part in contributing towards a greener environment. We are committed in embracing the future and as mentioned earlier, do our part in environmental conservation.


What is that magic behind HETTARER that makes it do what it does? Is there an explainable science to it?

Hettarer uses of an innovative technology on a special conductive paper. The science is the application of this paper, where it is able to collect charged particles from electric currents occurring naturally from the air as well as from the device. These particles are then amplified by the heat coming from the device battery. This results in extended battery life and reduced charging times. Hettarer also has significant effects on frequency hence is applicability in mining rigs.


How is HETTARER doing on the market so far and what are your new market entry strategies?

Hettarer has actually been soft launch or in trial mode late last year. We first featured it on Amazon platform and also via our social media platform. Sales have been encouraging hence our new market strategies will see it being introduced in selected countries. In order to do this, Hettarer is now undergoing various testing and accreditation process to stand by its claims as a proven product. The technology on the Hettarer patch is also undergoing development phase for new Rebglo products as in line with our road map and subsequent phases.


Is HETTARER an original idea of yours?

Unfortunately, not. The idea behind Hettarer was the brainchild of Mr. Makoto, our founder.


Why did you decide to incorporate Blockchain?

Why not? Blockchain will revolutionized the business world, its better to start as early as possible to ensure we are on the right foot. Having said that we are also doing this to incorporate our own personal belief in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain will be next “dot.com or iot”. The ideology for blockchain is to pave the way for a better or improve business operations. It can ensure better security and transparency in our daily lives.


How soon will your tokens be tradable on exchanges and any hints of which exchanges will be trading?

As in our roadmap and white paper, Rebglo token or REB will be listed soon on a local trading platform. I’m sure everybody will be very interested to know the dates and the platform but all in due time. We are now in the presale period. Plans are also there for REB to be listed on other international exchange platforms soon.


Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

These are the details for the REBGLO Tokens (REB) in different phrases:

Presale 1 (1st September 2018)

1 ETH = 5000 REB

Issued tokens = 70,000,000 REB

Presale 2 (1st October 2018)

1 ETH = 2500 REB

Issued tokens = 70,000,000 REB

Presale 3 (1st November 2018)

1 ETH = 1250 REB

Issued tokens = 70,000,000 REB

Public Sale (1st December 2018)

1 ETH = 500 REB

Issued tokens = 51,000,000 REB


Thanks for your time Omar, we appreciate it.

Thank you too, you have been very helpful.


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