ICO Focus: Interview With Matthew Dibbs of Astronaut

Hello Matt. Kindly give us an overview of the Astronaut project is about?

Astronaut is an asset management platform which streamlines the process of investment into the ICO and crypto-market.

Astronaut takes a completely managed approach, conducting the research, trade allocation, execution and management of all investments on behalf of token holders.

The platform is an evolution of our research company ‘Picolo Research.’ Picolo Research is an institutional grade blockchain research firm that has been servicing over 10,000 subscribers in 2017.

How will your service stand-out from already existing service providers in the field?

Astronaut has a very specific and targeted mandate that is focused on liquidity driven ICOs. We focus on transparency and numbers. This means that token holders are equipped with the knowledge at all times of what is being invested in, when and why.

What inspired you to give birth to the idea on which the Astronaut project is currently running?

We completed a short survey from our sample based of +10,000 subscribers and found the pain points that a lot of people are experiencing in the ICO market. Our subscribers were getting great research, however they weren’t confident themselves of how to execute on it, or manage it.

Based off the knowledge acquired, we began crafting the idea of Astronaut together with our loyal subscribers – which takes us to where we are today!

Congratulations on a very successful Presale. I believe that being able to pull off such an impressive result means you are already well-equipped for the field. Can you fill us in on the strategy you used to pull this off successfully?

Anyone familiar with Picolo Research understands why we do what we do. This has no doubt created trust in the market and we thank our long term subscribers immensely for this. Our presale was a focus to give back to our subscribers at a discounted rate.

We were able to achieve a great result right from the start and are pleased that those who helped us build this product are the same people who are also investing.

Can you briefly tell us about your team and how the individuals work together to make the project fly?

We have structured what is called in funds as an ‘Investment Committee.’ This is effectively a group of finance and technology professionals that all have a say in the analysis of a particular opportunity. Currently the IC consists of mainly investment banking, VC and technology experience. Our goal is to continue growing this IC, recruiting specialist knowledge for niche segments of the market to always stay on top.

Are you already in talks to exchanges to trade the ASTRO tokens?

We have been talking to numerous. The hardest part is some of the technological barriers with regards to dividend distribution of ERC20 tokens. We have been progressing these discussions for about 3 weeks now and are aiming for a November listing.

Briefly run us through how the process of Astronaut crowdsale will be done?

The crowdsale ends on October 25 2017. Astronaut will be offering the tokens in 2 stages with discounts. The first stage will be a discount of 20% ($0.80 token value) and then 10% ($0.90).

Astronaut is utilizing Ambisafe Orderbook for the process which makes for a secure and streamlined transaction.

Thanks Matthew for taking time off your busy schedule to do this, we wish you a successful crowdsale.

Thank you ICOWatchlist, anytime.

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