ICO Focus: Interview With Matteo Monti of Multiversum

Multiversum Co-Fouder and Art Director, Matteo Monti speaks to us about their on-going token sale event and their blockchain project as a whole;

Hello Matteo, can you summarize the Multiversum project?

Hello! Multiversum is an extremely fast (0.2s transactions) and scalable (up to 64.000 transactions on a 64 core server with 64+ core support) relational database on blockchain. Unparalleled security (biometric input authentication), data sharing and multiple chain support ensure high-grade, service: Blockchain as a service, able to fulfill complex need of corporate and industrial environments.

Will your project be directly competing with already existing blockchains like Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s?

Yes I believe so because it’s faster, more capable, more versatile, lighter, safer and low footprint.

Could your project not be developed on any of the existing blockchains and why will users want to make use of your Blockchain instead?

For the same reasons listed above: mining a bitcoin block, as of today, requires huge amounts of power, as a matter of fact, in some countries, it is not even profitable to mine anymore. For instance, as of today (March, 16) mining a single block (worth more or less 8000$) costs as much as $26,170 in South Korea.

How do you plan to build an ecosystem of users around the project?

Hosting nodes grants earnings to the owners, so the blockchain will just “build itself”, and our technology is already being used by a major industry and more will come. The practical applications of our chain are virtually unlimited.

How soon will your tokens be tradable on exchanges and any hints of which exchanges will be trading?

As soon as they will be listed. Possibly and probably major ones.

Briefly run us through the process of your crowdfund.

Our hard-cap is 65’000’000$, each phase of the crowdfund has a progressively decreasing bonus, starting from during the pre-ICO 25-40% based upon contribution amount ranging from 20% to 5% during the ICO from 16th April to 10th June, 2018.

Thanks for making time to speak to us Matteo, we wish you a successful token sale.

Thank you too ICOWatchlist, you have been outstanding.

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