ICO Focus: Interview With Lewis Barber of Sharpe Capital

We recently had a chat with Lewis Barber the CEO of Sharpe Capital about his project and he gave us some important information;

Hello Lewis, can you summarize for us what Sharpe Capital is all about?

Sharpe Capital is developing a tokenized ecosystem that bridges the gap between institutional investors and retail traders.

Through Sharpe’s prediction platform, users are able to share their forecasts on future asset prices and receive Ether rewards proportional to the value they add to the ecosystem. This data is a valuable for funds and professional investors, and an important source of revenue for Sharpe.

Additionally, Sharpe leverages this prediction data in combination with its own proprietary algorithms to manage a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency and equity investments.

Can AI based market trading fail and what are some of the measures Sharpe Capital has in place to mitigate such an occurrence and help guard investors against capital loss?

Purely algorithmic trading can be susceptible to bad decision making in extreme market conditions, and this is why Sharpe utilizes real-time predictions from human beings to forecast the future performance of assets as well as quantitative investment strategies.

Are there any known competitors doing something similar on blockchain?

A few companies operating in the same sector include; Cindicator, Enigma and Numerai. Each of these companies attempt to tackle the challenge of “understanding” capital markets in their own unique way.

How do you plan to create an ecosystem around the project?

We have a growing active community that are currently testing our alpha platform, which they have used to provide over 60,000 predictions in the last 5 weeks. We have a number of initiatives planned to involve the community in our product development plans, and by focusing on developing a brilliant product we’re confident that a vibrant ecosystem will develop over the weeks and months ahead!

When will SHP tokens be tradable on exchanges?

SHP tokens will be tradable on exchanges after the token sale closes on the 5th of February. The tokens will most likely be tradable on decentralized exchanges in the first instance, and we’re currently exploring our options regarding traditional larger exchanges, which we hope to be able to announce some news on very soon.

Briefly run us through the SHP token sale process?

The process is very simple. You just need to enter your personal details, confirm your email address, and then you can purchase tokens by sending Ether to our smart contract. The smart contract automatically issues SHP tokens to the address that sends Ether, and they will be transferrable from the 5th February onwards.

It was great talking to you Lewis, we wish you a successful crowdsale.

Thank you and I wish you all the best likewise.

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