ICO Focus: Interview With Kurt Pfluger of CrowdMachine

We linked up with Mr. Kurt Pfluger, CSO for CrowdMachine to discuss the project and its upcoming ICO and the following conversation was recorded;

Hello Kurt, briefly introduce us to the CrowdMachine project.

Crowd Machine is a decentralized network to create and deploy mission critical applications using no-code.   It is blockchain agnostic meaning you can write to any blockchain using this platform.   We’re enabling people all over the world; coders and non-coders to quickly turn their ideas into working applications and this can be up to 45x faster.  You have a full developer stack with interoperability to any outside resource in a no-code environment on a decentralized network.

What is the current market size for your industry and how much of this market share do you envisage to control in 3 years?

We are disrupting two multi-trillion dollar industries; cloud computing and software development.  As we make the right moves into each of these markets it will be significant.  The Crowd App Studio is already running and later this year we’ll launch the Crowd Computer, a decentralized network to deploy your applications.

What makes CrowdMachine different from similar projects on blockchain?

You see Companies being built around no-code smart contracts, others are trying to build decentralized networks, others have interoperability as their main feature.  With Crowd Machine you get all of those capabilities and more.  The no-code app studio is empowering people who’ve never written code but are smart people with great ideas and this all helps build adoption of blockchains.  This is truly game changing technology and I’m ecstatic to be part of it.

How do you plan to build an ecosystem of users around the project?

We have initiatives going with Universities, Government agencies, non-profits for coders and groups around the world that see the value or this platform and you can see the ground swell growing.  

Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

The public token sale runs for over a year where the Comapany is releasing 2.5M tokens per day.  There is an initial 10 day period where token buyers can get a 50% bonus and we see developers lining up as this is the way they will pay for the run time of their application once it goes into production.

Thanks for your time Kurt, we wish you a successful crowdsale.

Thank you too, your services have been splendid.

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