ICO Focus: Interview With Jose Tormo of StreamSpace

We caught up with Jose Tormo, CSO for the StreamSpace project to have a chat about their ongoing ICO and the following was recorded;

Hello Jose, how does StreamSpace disrupt an already exciting streaming industry?

The leaders in today’s streaming industry are shifting rapidly toward proprietary content:  Netflix original series and films, Disney’s planned stream service, and hulu’s offerings all emphasize their own content.  None of the major streaming services provide insights about actual numbers of views, and the profits associated with almost all aspects of the video industry are opaque.  StreamSpace will provide rich detail of revenues, activity, and profits earned by the film content owners, and filmmakers will be able to reach out directly to their viewers through social media channels.

What are the benefits to the SSH token holder?

Tokens will be used to conduct transactions on the StreamSpace film network, enabling film fans to find and watch high quality content.  As the service expands, the demand for the fixed number of tokens will increase, making the tokens more desirable.

Where do you see this project in a year’s time?

The StreamSpace service will be well established in the marketplace, with thousands of film offerings available across a range of genres.  StreamSpace will compete to attract great projects from a number of different countries.

Do you have a specific content focus and why?

StreamSpace focuses on independent films, those produced outside the major studio ecosystems.  The current film industry does a great job of funding and producing blockbusters and multi-film series, but the highest profitability (amid high risk) comes from low budget independent film projects.  Horror, animation, documentaries, and dramas are key genres that are of interest to independent filmmakers and wide audiences.

How exactly does StreamSpace prevent piracy?

Blockchain cloud storage breaks the film content into thousands of encrypted shards; a potential pirate could find one shard and decrypt it, but that would expose only 1-2 seconds of content.  The StreamSpace content distribution network consists of hundreds or thousands of duplicated servers; erroneous content from one server will be rejected.  The StreamSpace client player includes a security layer that prevents someone from capturing the digital content of the stream, adding more resilience to the piracy challenge.

Briefly run us through the SSH token sale process?

The StreamSpace ICO experience begins at www.stream.space/ico.  When a buyer clocks on “Join Now,” a modal is presented that asks for your name, address, email, and certification of eligibility to buy the tokens.  Residents of the US are allowed.  The applicant receives an email confirmation with a login password.  Returning to the website leads to a webpage in which the buyer chooses a form of payment – ETH, BTC, or USD.

We require buyers to confirm their identities by taking a photo of themselves along with their identity card.  We will distribute tokens at the end of the ICO, in early March.

Coin-based purchases involve sending ETH or BTC to a designated wallet address, along with the recommended gas limit and payload details.  USD purchases require the buyer to wire funds to our account with JP Morgan Chase in New York.

Thanks for you time Jose, wishing you a successful ICO.

Thanks you too.

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