ICO Focus: Interview With Jay Singh of ClearCoin

We interviewed Jay Singh, CEO for ClearCoin and here is what transpired;

Hello Jay, can you give us a brief about the ClearCoin project?

The ClearCoin project exists to create transparent and high quality supply chains in media and advertising. We are working with Fortune 500 companies and large media agencies to create a distributed ledger that tracks the quality of ad inventory. As new accreditation standards come about, quality of inventory on a distributed ledger seems to be a forerunner in the industry. The project has raised over $3 million so far with over 10,000 registrations.

Does media really need blockchain?

Yes. Digital currency did not work prior to its use of blockchain technology because blockchain technology solved the double spending problem. Blockchain can solve other supply chain problems such as the $20 billion ad fraud problem in the media and advertising market.

Are there any known competitors doing something similar on blockchain?


How do you plan to create an ecosystem around the project?

Our team has worked with the largest advertisers and media agencies in their history as entrepreneurs. The ecosystem for the project is heavily centered on the adoption of those large advertisers and media agencies. The thousands who have registered and participated in the token sale are the start of the community.  

What is the current value of CLR tokens and where do you envisage the price point to be in 6 months?

During the token sale, the token sells to the public for between $0.01 and $0.10. After that, the price of the token is determined by the market. It’s our job to build a network that is active and in high demand. As a company, we continue to work around the clock to build a network and business that is highly valuable.

What can you tell us about your team and how you all contribute to help make the ClearCoin project a reality?

We have a team of people who have been successful in media and advertising in the past. Our executives have been part of multi million dollar ad and media companies.

Briefly run us through how the process of CLR token sale will be done?

The CLR token sale accepts over 60 currencies through our processor CoinPayments. The price of the token to the public ranges from $0.01 to $0.10 during the token sale. There are 800 million tokens on sale to the public during the sale. 200 million tokens are reserved for the development fund.

Thanks for your time Jay, we wish you a successful crowdsale.

Thank you too. You guys have been awesome.

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