ICO Focus: Interview With Gasper Stih of Hedge Token

Hello Gasper, Kindly tell us briefly what the Hedge Token project is about?

Hedge Project is focused on developing the ideal platform to serve as a backbone for diversification through our flagship products, Crypto Traded Indices (CTIs), and hedging through different instruments. Our platform will enable Crowdsale supporters, technology evangelists, and crypto investors to manage the risk exposure they have on the market confidently. Furthermore, Hedge Project is in process of launching set of professionally designed indices for crypto market – first such indices to serve as a base for construction of cryptocurrencies baskets.

Where does the name come from?

Hedging and diversification are key concepts in finance that every investor should be aware of and take into account when either investing for long term or day trading. It’s our mission to launch instruments that will enable investors more prudent approach to investing on crypto market.

Seeing that the Hedge Token Project aims to help Investors and other stakeholders hedge their investments, can you kindly furnish us with some brief on the research done by the Hedge Token team that inspired this mission?

The main problems that we have detected on the market are:

No Universally-Accepted Crypto Index – Accessible on one Platform

No widely-acceptedCrypto index represents Crypto currencies or assets as an asset class. Hedge Project is creating professionally designed and maintained indices, to serve as a benchmark for Crypto financial instruments. This will enable investors and traders to gain Crypto market exposure. A secure, real-time platform, where the market is at your fingertips and investors have the ability to tame volatility and inefficiencies of Crypto markets.

Diversification is expensive

By introducing various CTIs, we will give investors a possibility to inexpensively and easily diversify their investments throughout the market, avoid high trading, excessive management and other fees, and offer single access point, eliminating the need to maintain trading accounts on several exchanges. Furthermore our analysis have shown that correlation between cryptocurrencies are decreasing making diversification even more important and essential.

Systematic hedging is impossible

By adding derivatives and allowing investors to short certain CTIs, with Hedge Project platform we are bringing together the bulls and the bears in the market effectively and efficiently. In the future, investors will be able to shift and manage risk in many ways, combining positions as they see fit, and hedge their position on our platform.

How do you plan to create an ecosystem around Hedge Token?

We are launching a platform that will be the “go-to” market place for investor interested in crypto market. We will offer professionally designed indices on crypto currencies and assets, we are launching our first index CCX30 (Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index) in next weeks. Second we plan to launch product similar to ETFs on traditional market, CTIs (Crypto Traded Indices) that will be tracking indices and allow investor to diversify investments

So you plan to launch the index before ICO?

Yes, indeed. We are planning to publish our rulebook and factsheet in few days followed by an interactive dashboard with returns, volatility and other information. We see indices not only as a base of constructions for CTIs but also as important marketing tool for Hedge Project. We are working hard to publish these indices also through established financial data providers.

What can you tell us about your team? How does the team compliment the execution of the Hedge Project?

Our team is an optimal mix of financial experts with many years of international experience and highly skilled developers. Our team members have worked on similar projects in ˝traditional˝ market and are now working on this project to bring the established solutions to the crypto markets. To further strengthen our team we have included experts in corporate law and external advisors working on specific incorporation and compliance issues.

Where do you see the value of Hedge Tokens in the medium to Long term and the ultimate benefit for token holders?

To access our platform, you will need Hedge Token to pay the platform and transaction fees. Hedge Token (HDG) will, therefore, be used for trading fees. With share of profits made we will buy back and burn the tokens, decreasing the supply and returning the generated value to our supporters. Assuming equal popularity as ETFs have on traditional market (currently globally assets managed by ETFs surpass USD 4 trillion) we estimates the market potential for passive investment vehicles, expanding well over USD 11.00 billion and therefore we are confident that we can channel significant proportion of this market through our platform and gain our supporters nice returns in the process.

Briefly run us through how the process of Hedge Token crowdsale will be executed?


September 15th 2017 (12:00 CET) – October 15th 2017 (12:00 CET) or until the maximum cap is reached.




ETH can be sent to the address that will be published on the Hedge Token project website before the start of the crowd-sale.


The bonus will be allocated in the form of additional tokens.




No additional Hedge Project tokens (HDG) will ever be created.




For optimal performance and maximization of fund’s returns for all supporters, crowdsale is capped and available to a limited number of participants on a first come – first serve basis.

Crowdsale will finish on 15th of October or at the point where the total raised amount will reach the nominal value of 15.0 million USD. After reaching hard cap, no further funds will be accepted.


The floor is set to the nominal value of 1.5 million USD. If floor will not be reached, the funds in full amount and it the same currency will be returned to the supporters after the end of the crowdsale.

Thank you so much Gasper for taking time to make this interview happen and good luck with your ICO

Thank you too and the whole ICOWatchlist team as well.

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