ICO Focus: Interview With Egor Gurjev of PlayKey

Hello Egor, can you briefly introduce us to the Playkey project? 

Hi! Playkey is a solution for those video gamers who wish like to play top-notch AAA-games but do not have high-end PC for that. We turn their dreams into reality – they are able to play cool games on obsolete PC with the help of Playkey solution – the game is activated on our remote powerful server which allows a client to play ready video game that is streamed to the client’s device. Playkey has figured out a way to make use of non-expensive GPU servers to provide optimal gaming experience for users.

The service team decided to create an totally new client using the general decentralized system. By using it, the owner of upgraded gaming PC (for instance, GTX 1080 or analog AMD) would be able to rent it out to other people. This will help make it affordable for gamers and help to save costs on a low budget. The technology will give users an opportunity to create more cloud services and this will decrease the cost of the service. Eventually, the number of users willing to use it will grow as well.

The fact that users bought their hardware for mining or specifically for gaming is not important for service use. PlayKey makes renting out computers to gamers a more profitable venture as compared to mining cryptocurrency. A PlayKey miner can earn approximately $10/day while a profit of broadcasting is only $1.50/day and this can be caluclated using ether mining calculator.

Playkey creates a unique gaming platform where everyone becomes a potential power provider. It could be for crypto enthusiasts as well as owners of mining firms and big crypto centers. This approach makes the biggest cloud gaming platform in the world with potentially hundreds of millions of users possible. In summary,

Miners will:

  • Get the opportunity to utilize their hardware in a way that is more efficient, more stable, and less risky than cryptocurrency mining.

Gamers will:

  • Play the best AAA-games wherever they want using any hardware: old PC, MAC, Smart TV, etc. They will not have to download any game client.
  • High class service, low ping and perfect image quality due to the wide range of p2p-servers
  • Lower expenses comparing to buying a personal PC: top PC costs $3000 while this is equal to 3 years subscription of Playkey

Game developers and publishers will expand their client base.

P2P feature of the PlayKey platform will allow owners of top video cards earn more comparing to mining cryptocurrency and gamers would be able to play anywhere with an Internet connection. This formula is, therefore, more profitable than buying and upgrading their own PC.

Do you already have a product or a prototype?

Yes! It is the cloud gaming platform PlayKey.net based on our own remote GPU servers – you could try if right now and see the technology works!

We already have a huge experience in the gaming market, contract with partners, game publishers. PlayKey is one of the cloud gaming pioneers and was established in 2012. It has proven its commercial efficiency and technology success over the years. This is proved by the following statistics:

  • 1 million of unique visitors every month
  • More than 500,000 paying users
  • 120 servers in London, Moscow, Amsterdam and Frankfurt
  • Agreements with Ubisoft, Capcom, SEGA, Wargaming, Bethesda, and others
  • The place in markets in EMEA and CIS countries
  • More than 150 games of AAA class in service catalog with consistent monthly growth
  • Office in Europe that is working on development to service other parts of the world

PlayKey was covered by some of the world’s leading gaming and tech media such as PCGamesN and Techcrunch. The media attention garnered by PlayKey is the best proof yet for investors and gamers’ who have interest in this project.

Can you highlight the features that are unique to Playkey that sets it apart from similar projects in the space?

PlayKey moves cloud gaming industry to the next level by bringing blockchain on board. It develops a better digital world and has no direct competitors.

Our major advantage is high accessibility.  A video gamer doesn’t need to download, install and tune up the games. Just click and play! The same logic we will implement to the decentralized platform.

At first glance one would think that Liquidsky, Vortex, GeForce, Amazon are on the same segment.  But the main difference is all those services use big cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon, Softlayer, Azure, but PlayKey builds it in-house – this halves the expenses. It is important to have the cost of development in focus when creating an infrastructure based business.  Moreover, Amazon provides servers only for commercial users. Both Softlayer and Azure provide only infrastructure, but not the gaming service. LiquidSky provides remote desktop and no such a smooth gaming experience.  And Geforce require that you buy a gaming console, have a higher price, less coverage. Nvidia on the other hand collaborates with us by providing tech support for our project. So Nvidia is not our competitor but our partner.

What motivated you to start this project?

As young as the age of ten (10), I spent practically all of my pocket money for my computers’ upgrade as well as enrolling in tech-based courses. I’d ask my parents for money to purchase books but I purchased new GPU cards instead. It is therefore no surprise that I chose to venture innovative cloud gaming platform as a business. And as we grow stronger and bigger as a company I will be able to reflect better on this – as we gain additional millions of users on our infrastructure, the team set-up will become more robust with new servers to accommodate the huge influx of new clients and the army of loyal video gamer-clients. This is another reason we are have began moves to improve our process and expand our infrastructure – that is why decentralized cloud gaming platform has become an answer!

Can you briefly tell us about your team and how they work to make the Playkey dream come alive?

PlayKey’s major assets are its staff and talents. Everyone is passionate about the video games world and have various levels of experience in the tech and gaming market. The current PlayKey team which is made up of 45 professional has spent 4 years together in development.  We also have a number of brilliant specialists and advisors – they all have their profiles on our site playkey.io.

Briefly run us through how the Playkey token sale will be conducted?

The main ICO starts on the 1st of November. The presale is however ongoing and minimum contribution is pegged at 60 ETH (or $17k). Presale investors can get as much as a 35% discount on purchase of PKT-tokens. PlayKey token is the service currency that allows users to access current and future games. It is also a medium through which gamers can participate in competitions and also pay for online broadcasting.

Participants in the PlayKey token sale should note the following:

  • Anyone who invests in service immediately receive their corresponding  PlayKey Tokens (PKT)
  • Token trade will only be enabled at the completion of ICO.
  • Value of token increases proportionally with with the company’s growth
  • PKT tokens can be sold and bought on exchanges, it can also be used for purchases on the PlayKey platform


Thank you Egor for having us, we wish you success with your token sale campaign.

Thanks and you are welcome to develop a better digital world with us!

For more details, follow the PlayKey ICO here.

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