ICO Focus: Interview With Daniele Izzo of Amon

Daniele Izzo, CEO for Amon gives us details of the project to help prospective investors better understand the project’s products;

Hello Daniele, can you briefly describe the Amon project to us?

Amon is an every-day Crypto debit card for everyone. It has a powerful multi-currency crypto wallet and state-of-the art artificial intelligence to provide the best value to the crypto holder in every-day purchases. Amon Card solves two existential problems with crypto spending: (1) Real time conversion (2) Dealing with crypto volatility.

There are a couple of blockchain projects that aim to make crypto mainstream and usable for everyday transactions, but none has been able to achieve widespread usage as at yet. What will Amon do differently?

Our main competitors have been facing issues with their card providers due to legal compliance. We rely on a different provider with which we have agreement since November and we already working on the APIs integration of the cards. Conversely from our main competitors such as TenX and Monaco we provide not only the possibility to spend any cryptocurrencies but also we mitigate the risk of volatility helping users to manage their portfolio and save money with the Amon AI system.

Where do you see this project in a year’s time?

In one-year,  we see Amon taking part of the Crypto debit card revolution providing not only the possibility to spend cryptocurrencies in an efficient way but also giving a great service to its clients. We also believe that it is only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies become widely accepted and used. And even though the process of wider adoption is still somewhat slow, I believe it helps the market to be less volatile and Amon will be there to support this change.

Can you tell us what unique qualities your team embeds that makes you believe that the project’s goals can be achieved and even surpassed?

When people invest in a project they are not only investing in the idea but in a team. The Amon founders have already created a successful marketplace and have experience in creating successful team. We put together a team with different skills to tackle the different technological, legal, marketing and many more challenges. As a startup each of us has a key role within the organization. People will come and leave like in all the startups but the core team is the main essence of the company, we have been working together for years now and this is our biggest value proposition as team.

In your estimation, what makes AMN tokens unique?

AMN tokens are utility tokens, they brings many advantages to the users:

Card fees benefits: Holders of AMN tokens will get special fee structure. Details of the discounts and low fees will be released after the ICO and will vary depending on the type of Card and numbers of AMN tokens held.

Priority Customer Service Line: Customer service in crypto industry is not up to the standards of other industries. For this reason we will provide different levels of customer service with 24/7 priority line to AMNs tokens holders.

MasterNode Passive Interest: Although AMN tokens won’t be running any masternodes, but the top holders of AMN tokens will be passed on masternode benefits that Amon accrues from crypto currencies that do payout masternode benefits. For details about how it works check out our Token Sale FAQs.

Cashback of AMN Tokens: For every transaction made with the Amon Card you will get a percentage of AMNs tokens as Cashback. We have set the Cashback at 0.5% for Gold and Platinum Card.

Briefly run us through the AMN token sale process?

The Amon Private ICO will run for 24hours on March 1st. Only people that have joined the whitelist will be able to contribute during the Private ICO and will receive 25% AMN tokens benefit + Free Amon Gold Card.

Public ICO will start on March 4th until April 4th. Contributors of the public ICO will enjoy AMN tokens bonuses depending on the week of the contribution. All the details are on www.amon.tech.

Thanks for having us Daniele, we wish you a successful ICO.

Thank you too!

For more details, follow the Amon ICO here.

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