ICO Focus: Interview With Crystal Rose of Sensay

Hello Crystal! Kindly tell us briefly what the Sense project is about?

The Sensay team’s mission with the SENSE token is to ultimately assign value to and facilitate the growth of the human capital-backed network.  This is an ambitious project, however we believe that  with optimal engineering of incentives driving the economic exchange of the token and  growth of the network, the Sensay team will be able to move the needle towards  connecting all of the world’s knowledge onto the blockchain.  There are a few ways in which we do this:

  • SENSE will create blockchain based smart contracts in messenger applications and will reward humans for their contributions to the network.
  • Developers will be able to monetize their bots for the exchange of data used to train AI applications.

This is really progressive! So ultimately the more active users get more rewards?

Exactly. The majority of the conversations and the data to date we have collected on the Sensay platform are relationship based – or related to some sort of need that we all have – jobs, gigs, food, places to stay, etc. These types of conversations have been really hard to quantify in the past. A person seeking  a gig – for example, an Uber driver. We call this person a “free agent”. Our platform enables these free agent to set up a digital shop for their brain.Think of the gig economy 2.0. These include all of the  skills, knowledge, and experience over one’s lifetime, and this ultimately is what  translates that into a digital asset.

What inspired you to give birth to the idea on which the Sense project is currently running?                                                                    

Sensay is an established company we’ve been building for 3 years, and we’ve had a public product for two. Our community is widely spread – we started building on SMS first and hit a million users within 9 months. Then we partnered with Facebook and other messaging platforms, and started to realize that the community was becoming really diverse. Each messenger brings along its unique demographic. Sensay is an ecosystem built upon our ability to match humans, to perform conversational analysis, and to use machine learning to get smarter with each conversation. While we did an excellent job at building a community with  millions of members already rewarding one another with over 21 million circulating coins, those numbers are small in the grand scheme of things. With this re-branding and distribution of the SENSE token to create a decentralized platform to exchange human data, we are both rewarding our community with tokens which have value and we are essentially rewarding our developer community with monsoons of conversational data.

How does this project differentiate itself from similar projects already on the market?

Sensay is differentiated in that it is:

  • Cross-platform
  • Focuses on knowledge attribution
  • Provides smart routing to humans
  • Creates conversational “smart contracts”
  • Provides a ridiculous amount of structured conversational data from Sensay to help with human routing and AI training.

Is not stuck in walled gardens, but is truly interoperable.

Can you briefly tell us about your team?

The SENSE token team includes our core team CSO-, Ariel Jalali; Head of Growth, Eyal Toledano;Engineers, James Calhoun; Angel Jose; Stef Telford;  Product & UX, Grover Light; Product, Kurt Kumar; Culture, Shaili Jalali with support from our partners at Element Group and Spark as well as advisors Dr. Gavin Wood (Ethereum and Parity), Nick Sullivan (ChangeCoin, Airbnb), Galia Benartzi (Bancor Network).

Which exchanges will be trading Sense Tokens?

Exchanges are independent entities. We will not be actively partnering with exchanges. Those will be organic to any exchange that chose to list the token. We expect some will list the token sale given its popularity. Community support will help determine its listings.

Briefly run us through how the process of Sense Token crowdsale will be executed?

The Main Sale will open on October 16, 2017 at 9AM EDT.27.5% of the SENSE token will be sold in the Token Sale, 27.5% will be retained for the company, 30% will be retained for SDN communities, users and contributors, and 15% will be reserved for future development. We’re focused on building platform and community. We are placing heavy emphasis on rewarding our developer community during the presale. If you have GitHub credentials and meet criteria to show that you’re an active developer, you can get first tier priority in our token sale. Price per token is set at $0.10 at the time of the crowd sale. Developers participating through this presale receive a 20% discount.

Thank you Crystal, you have been awesome, we wish you all the best!

ICOWatchlist, you are equally awesome. Thanks!

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