ICO Focus: Interview With Barbara Soltysinska of indaHash

We held a session with indaHash CEO Barbara Soltysinska about her project, and here are the highlights of the conversation;

Hello Barbara, would you kindly introduce us to the Indahash project?

indaHash is an automated platform for brands and agencies that organize global marketing campaigns which are run through digital influencers around the world. It was launched at the beginning of 2016. Since then, the platform has been used to execute thousands of campaigns in the EU, MENA, APAC, USA, and South Africa (in total, over 70 markets) for brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Unilever, and L’Oreal. The indaHash technology is focused on mid-tier influencers, which means that content is being created by “real people”. indaHash offers diverse products, services and flexible pricing models to the clients, whether it’s cost per mile (CPM), cost per engagement (CPE), cost per view (CPV), cost per Snapchat view (CPSV) or cost per content (CPCon). indaHash delivers global, scalable, and effective influencer marketing campaigns.

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What inspired the vision for this project?

We learned about cooperation with influencers from our previous venture (which grew to be the biggest MCN in CEE, giving managerial services to YouTubers with over 50 million subscribers in total). We saw great potential in mid-tier influencers and for automation of the process to be implemented all over the world. ​At one point we recognized that there are a lot of high quality social media profiles with huge and underrated potential. Meanwhile we noticed there was a gap in the market for authentic influencer generated content. ​Notably, the old manual way of collaborating was demanding for everyone involved, it took more time, and usually presented fewer possibilities in terms of very precise targeting, engaging hundreds of influencers simultaneously, standardization and scalability, and thus the idea for indaHash came about.

The most important value for the company is that together as a whole team we continue to create our mission and vision of indaHash. It’s sincerely the best job in the world, when you are surrounded by creative and passionate people you like. 

Can you give us an overview about the influencer industry, how much it is worth, and where you see the position of Indahash in the next two years?

Influencer marketing uses influencers and their power to affect other people’s buying intents in their online communities. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers and performs marketing activities around or together with these influencers. Influencer marketing uses a personal bond between influencers and their followers, in effect becoming more authentic and trustworthy for audiences than traditional advertising.

We constantly observe growth of influencer marketing budgets. According to the Linqia study, marketers spent between $25,000 – $50,000 on each influencer marketing campaign and they report that budgets will double to $50,000 – $100,000. On Google alone we can see a +325% increase in searches for “influencer marketing” just over the past year alone.

Our mission is to empower people with passions who are becoming popular and influential on social media and want to work together with brands. In the past year we’ve seen a 295% revenue growth, and we hope to continue on this path. Everyday we are hiring new people and continuously opening new markets and offices around the globe as we strive to make indaHash a household name. In ​the next two years we aspire to become the world’s greatest and best influencer marketing tool.

In which countries will the Indahash platform be accessible?

indaHash is already available in over 70 markets! But we’re not stopping here. We are regularly working on development and entering new markets. Our technology is scalable and flexible, which makes entering new markets quick and simple. We can also easily conduct cross-market campaigns.

Briefly introduce us to your team and how they come together to make the Indahash project work?

I, as CEO, along with Darek Zielinski, COO an experienced manager in the media industry since 2008, have put a ton of time and effort in building our strong and ever growing team and we enjoy the fruits of our labor every step of the way. We started with only a few people in January 2016, and we currently employ over 130 people! We have been lucky enough to cross paths with talented and hard-working individuals who are excited about indaHash and are dedicated to making it succeed. The entire indaHash team is energetic and positive, creating a great work environment. We all like each other, love to work together, and see this as being extremely important!

Which exchanges will be trading your tokens?

We are planning for the possibility of trading with tokens after finishing the process of the ICO.

Briefly run us through how the process of the IDH token sale will be done?

indaHash will issue 80% of all tokens available during pre & main ICO. In order to be able to settle the transfers in indaHash Coin, the company will regularly purchase its own indaHash Coin using fiat currencies received from brands. Then it will give indaHash Coin to the influencers. This will constantly fuel the demand for our tokens and should grow together with the growth of the company. Additionally, the exchange value of indaHash Coin for indaHash will always be the market value (from exchanges) and so will the amount of IDH (indaHash Coin) transferred to the influencers for completed campaigns. We can compare it to paying the supplier in a different currency we buy for settlements. Hence, regardless of the exchange rate, indaHash Coin will be bought and sold according to their market value. The growing number of influencers and the increasing market value, which should reach between $5-10 billions dollars by 2020, should also boost the value of indaHash Coin as a fundamental means of transaction.

We have a video tutorial about our token sale on YouTube

Thanks for having us Barbara, we wish you a successful token sale.

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