ICO Focus: Interview With Augustas Staras of Aigang

We recently got in touch with Mr. Augustas Staras, CEO of Aigang to have a chat about his Insurance Protocol project, and we present the documented episode below;

Hello Augustas, kindly tell us briefly tell us about Aigang.

Aigang is DAO Insurance Protocol and we are building an Autonomous insurance network – fully automated insurance for IoT devices and a platform for insurance innovation built around data.

What inspired the vision for this project?

Actually, meeting Vitalik Buterin in Hong Kong 2 years ago in his key note speech about decentralization and Ethereum. This was a turning point that helped us better understand how we can apply this technology to the insurance industry.

You closed a successful pre-sale not long ago, tell us what the secret formula for the fund raising round.

We have been developing the Aigang proof-of-concept Apps for iOS and Android since May and released them in June for early access. Soon we developed our Platform demo which is integrated with Metamask. Showing strong delivery for product and continuous updates for project helps build your users and followers. This was the main success formula for our pre-sale.

This is awesome. How does Aigang stand out from its competitors?

We are proud of the results we’ve achieved so far – more than 7,000 App downloads in both app stores and more than 2,000 insurance policies as smart contracts on Ethereum Testnet shows that we are capable of delivering and growing our project and future AIX token value.

Are your services accessible globally or are you just focusing on specific countries?

We are developing protocol for IoT devices so our vision is to have a global product and network.

You have a solid staff, how were you able to recruit such a crack team of talents?

Founders have strong background and experience in related industries as insurance and general business management, with successful track record of creating and growing online businesses. We are also innovating on one of most exciting technologies around – blockchain, so it helps to bring talent which is attracted to join our team and help us realise our vision.

Which exchanges will be trading AIX tokens?

We cannot disclose them now because we are under negotiations. We will closely follow other succesful ICOs and track our listings with our product development and updates on project.

Can you kindly educate us on how the crowdsale will be conducted?

We invite everyone to support us and join our vision on 15th November, when our Token Sale starts on our website https://aigang.network.

For more details, follow the Aigang ICO here.

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