ICO Focus: Interview With Ashton Addison of Event Chain

Event Chain is a blockchain project that has been established to help solve ticketing issues that the entertainment industry is confronted with. The use cases for the platform is however not limited to the entertainment industry alone, it can be extrapolated to fit other industries as well. The ICOWatchlist team had a chit-chat with Mr. Ashton Addison who is the Chief Executive Officer and this is how the conversation unfolded;

Hello Ashton. Kindly tell us briefly what the Event Chain project is about?

Hey, Thanks for having me. Eventchain is a blockchain Smart Ticketing system for fans to purchase tickets directly from artists using blockchain technology and smart contracts. The project aims to solve many of the ticketing issues in the event ticketing industry today including counterfeit ticketing, ticket scalping, excessive ticketing prices.

How did you come by the idea of using blockchain to solve the ticketing issues plaguing the events industry? Was it by work experience?

I understood that Blockchain has the power to connect people directly and fans understand that the goal is to pay back the artist for their efforts and not have all of these financial intermediaries taking a large cut of those funds. In 2012 I created Shed Show Productions, an event production company, and then realized first-hand the excessive ticketing fees charged by third-party processors. I was always following distributed technology and cryptocurrencies during my degree in Finance and Accounting, and after graduation decided to combine these two interests to achieve a common goal, making it cheaper and more accessible for everyday people to attend events.

In which countries will the Event Chain project be accessible and are there legal implications per jurisdiction?

The EventChain system will be accessible by all countries where artists or promoters seek to create an event. Barring any future acts on using cryptocurrency to access token utility, the EventChain tokens used within the system will provide benefits to users in each country where these events are hosted.

What can you tell us about your team? How does the team compliment the execution of the project?

The EventChain team includes a lot of like-minded individuals poised to take decentralized event ticketing mainstream. Our team consists of blockchain developers, entrepreneurs and software developers with over seven years of software development experience in booking applications. The Board of Advisors is stacked with expert talent and is the perfect combination of blockchain and business techies including Dr. Steven Funk, Silicon Valley Billionaire, Piotr Piasecki, Core Developer of Factom, Jeans Tang, President of Blockchain Research Institute in China, Dror Medalion, CEO of Bitjob.io in Israel and more.

Where do you see the value of Event Chain Tokens in the medium to Long term and the ultimate benefit for token holders?

The EventChain Tokens were designed as fuel to run and manage the SmartTicketing system. The Smart Ticketing system incentivizes fans to use EventChain tokens as a primary means of purchasing tickets to waive all processing fees will bring demand and liquidity to the EVC market. In the long term many participants in the system will hold EVC tokens to access VIP benefits, resale market features and API access for distributed sales, and the combination of holding incentives and need for liquidity will benefit token holders in the long run.

Briefly run us through how the process of Token crowdsale will be executed?

The ICO starts on September 13th 17:00 UTC and will be launched at tokensale.eventchain.io. It is not whitelisted so everyone has an equal chance to participate. I will contact the participants signed up to the EventChain newsletter prior to the ICO start. The initial ICO will last until all the EVC is sold or when Phase-2 begins on October 1st. The EVC tokens are received in your ERC20 wallet immediately but are locked until the ICO is over, and then after that the tokens will be listed. As a reminder, the sale will available at tokensale.eventchain.io.

Thank you so much Ashton for taking time to make this interview happen and good luck with your ICO

Thank you too ICOWatchlist for your support thus far.

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