ICO Focus: Interview With Andrey Kuznetsov of KamaGames

Hello Andrey, can you briefly introduce KamaGames to us?

KamaGames is the largest European social mobile poker operator, with over 530,000 daily active users. Established in 2010 and employing over 250 staff, KamaGames has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland as well as offices in London and Dubai.

Our award winning flagship title, Pokerist, was the #1 grossing app in 101 countries on the App Store and one of the top 5 grossing apps in 45 countries on Google Play.

In 2017, the company reported a gross profit of $57.5 million, an increase of 63% from the year before, as well as an increase in our Daily Active Users (DAU) to 530,000. H1 2018 improved on these impressive results with DAU increasing 2-fold in H1 2018 compared to H1 2017 and gross revenue growing by 53% in the same period from the already strong base of $57.5 in 2017.

On April 9th 2018, KamaGames celebrated reaching the 100 million players milestone. This landmark was achieved by listening to our players and giving them what they want through new content, unique engagement features, fresh new games as well as a number of strong, strategic partnerships.

As a leading operator in the social casino industry, KamaGames are constantly monitoring new trends and technologies and as a result, have recently launched the KamaGames Token. Based on blockchain technology and the Ethereum platform, KamaGames Tokens are designed to give players the best possible return on their in game currency purchases as well as guaranteed bonus chips every day.


Why do you think that the gaming industry needs Blockchain and how does your project stand-out from similar ones on the market?

Considering we are the first to market with such a concept and opportunity for our players, we are already ahead of the giants in the industry, Zynga Poker and World Series of Poker who have both yet to offer an opportunity to buy chips using crypto tokens. Also, neither of them offer the ability to buy in game currency using cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ethereum and others.

As a company that has a strong reputation for innovation, KamaGames is proud to launch its token sale, a project that’s ambitious, innovative and – best of all – a great deal for both new and existing players.

From what we have seen so far, we believe that these new technologies and gaming can complement each other well but it’s still very early days and therefore crypto and blockchain are not considered mainstream yet.  Unfortunately, we are still technically limited in implementing a fully decentralised poker game as it would require a higher transaction speed, we would need to work out how to remunerate miners and also the RNG generator could become predictable (easier to calculate) which can make the game less interesting.

We do sincerely hope that our own experiments with this new technology will be the start of the wider industry engaging more in blockchain/crypto and making it work for them as operators too.  


How do you plan to build a growing customer base around your project?

I’d say we have already built a growing customer base if I am honest as we already passed the 100 million players milestone back in April of this year. That very impressive number is growing at a strong and steady pace of more than 1 million new players every month.

As standard with any high profile launch within KamaGames, we utilize all of our communication channels to speak to our existing players and to also potential, new players too.

We have a very strong User Acquisition department that works closely with our Communications team who focus on both social media, B2B and B2C PR outreach.

Finally, I will be speaking about our KGT sale and our key learning, successes and challenges at a number of high profile gaming events in Europe, Asia and North America between now and the end of the year.

Regarding new players, whilst we do see a significant percentage of the KGTs we make available at launch being purchased by our top tier, VIP players, we are also of course interested in attracting new players too.  It’s a well-known fact that the cost of acquiring new users in the social casino genre is becoming challenging and incredibly expensive. With this in mind, we believe that the KGT sale will help KamaGames potentially reach a whole new audience through crypto/blockchain technology as we will be speaking to untapped areas of players globally that have not heard of KamaGames or Pokerist before.

We already have 9 high quality games, (a number of which are absolutely unique such as our latest addition, 3D multiplayer Craps) and we are aiming to launch more games before the end of this year. If you combined these new game launches with the host of new features and content we’ll be adding to our existing portfolio as well as this great opportunity to purchase our virtual currency at a reduced rate, we really do think there is more than enough to entice new players to come and give us a try.


Where do you see KamaGames in the next 12 months?

Our product road map will so the company continuing to grow at a strong and steady pace. We’ve shown impressive growth for the last 9 quarters through the launch of new products, updates to the entire portfolio with the introduction of new modes, personalised sales for players and many more things that have made KamaGames stand out in the social casino landscape.

We intend to put any revenue generated from the KGT sale straight back into product development and into bringing more players into our games.  Over the next 6 months we are going to be releasing more new products, launching our games on to several new platforms, announcing a number of high profile partnerships and of course releasing a number of portfolio wide updates too.


How soon will your tokens be tradable on exchanges and any hints of which exchanges will be trading?

As our KGTs are only exchangeable for our own in game currency (virtual chips) and will have no value whatsoever outside of the KamaGames eco system, we will not be encouraging or endorsing any type trading on exchanges.

The overall KGT strategy is that we are actually executing a marketing / promotional campaign to attract new players and to reward our existing ones by giving them the opportunity to buy our in-game currency, virtual chips, at a more lucrative rate and to also receive additional bonus chips during the first 6 months.  The objective is not to raise funding, nor are we looking for any form of investment, the KGT is simply a “proxy” to purchasing KamaGames’ virtual currency at the most lucrative rate.


Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

It is possible for anyone to buy a KGT, which is a standard utility token (ERC-20), and exchange it for virtual chips via an official KamaGames player’s account.

KGT holders who have a player account can link their tokens to their account and receive daily bonus chips and any other discounts, bonuses or services that we may make available exclusively to token holders in the future. If they do not have a player account, they can create one easily via the Pokerist app.

The TOKEN to CHIP exchange rate is guaranteed to be increased by KamaGames at a rate of 25% each month during the first 36 months and at a linear interest rate.

For example:

At purchase, each token will equal 7,000,000 chips

In 6 months, 1 token’s guaranteed worth will equal – 17,500,000 (X2.5)

In 12 months – 35,000,000 (X5)

In 24 months – 56,000,000 (X8)

In 36 months – 77,000,000 (X11)

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