ICO Focus: Interview With Amir Kaltak of LEXIT

Hello Amir, can you briefly introduce us to the LEXIT project?

LEXIT is the first business marketplace built on Blockchain Technology to sell or buy entire private companies or intellectual property and assets. It is one of the very few crypto-projects that actually solve a real world problem and is structured to create value right from the start for its users.


How big is your market and what are the forecast for the next 3 years?

The market that LEXIT will transform is around 6000 Billion USD in volume every year, in fact the Mergers & Acquisitions market hasn’t changed since over 150 years and is more than ripe for disruption. This is what we will do.


Where do you see your project in a year’s time?

In a year LEXIT will already be a buzzing marketplace, and our LXT Token will be in very high demand because it is a necessity to use LEXIT. The LXT token will be capitalized to be among the Top 15 cryptocurrencies in the world.


May we know which countries the platform will be piloted and what are the plans for expansion?

LEXIT will be available worldwide from day one, as we speak we are expanding our partner network across all continents.


What are the plans for listing your tokens on exchanges? Any big name exchanges?

Due to legal restrictions and strategy we can’t comment on this but rest assured that we are in touch with them and will be listed on respected exchanges.


Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

Very simple, join sale.lexit.co and in minutes you will be able to buy LXT at the current tier round. We got amazing feedback on how easy to use and intuitive our platform is. You will like it, we implemented very useful tools on the dashboard so that you’re always in the know.


Thanks for your time Amir, we wish you success with your token sale

Thank you too, we feel privileged to be listing on one of the globe’s leading listing site.


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