ICO Focus: Interview With Amelia Tomasicchio of Eidoo

Hello Amelia, can you briefly introduce us to Eidoo?

The Eidoo project aims at building an ecosystem of services needed by users around a wallet that will support different cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. Eidoo is an app and it is already available for Android devices, beta for iOS and it will be later available on other platforms. Eidoo project is being developed by Eidoo Sagl a company based in Chiasso, Switzerland.

That is interesting, there are a couple of mobile wallets in the space but it seems the Eidoo concept stands-out. Can you highlight the features that are unique to Eidoo?

The idea of Eidoo was born when we realized that in our opinion existing tools to access the world of cryptocurrency are not thought to center around the user experience.  Eidoo will provide an integrated set of services as such a hybrid exchange between cryptocurrencies, a centralized exchange to trade fiat to crypto and vice versa, a token sale as a service feature, a branded debit card to spend cryptos in the traditional way, and finally a decentralized marketplace.

So, from your submission, Eidoo will be running its own exchange, right? Or is it the case that you will be partnering with a third-party provider to provide an in-wallet exchange?

Eidoo will provide a centralized exchange to trade fiat to crypto and vice versa in partnership with Bitmax a Swiss exchange part of the Eidoo group. But the interesting part will be on crypto to crypto where we will soon implement a hybrid exchange a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain that will use centralized servers for order matching. This will allow users keep their private keys on their devices, avoiding all centralized exchange problems of possible scam and bankruptcy while maintaining the speed of a fully centralized platform.

Can you elaborate on the steps taken by the Eidoo platform to ensure that users’ assets are made secure?

Among app based wallets we think that Eidoo is already secure as we have launched our token sale using exclusively our wallet as entry point for the purchase. In a near future Eidoo will support trusted executing environment that some Android device provides. Also, we are planning to support an external hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor for users that prefer not to keep private keys on the mobile device.

Which altcoins will be featuring on the Eidoo platform?

Our main focus is about assets and we will provide support for cryptocurrencies that will provide a way to handle asset issuance on them. That’s the reason why we have started with Ethereum that already have the well-established standard ERC20. Bitcoin is the most secure blockchain but currently lack a protocol recognized as competitive to issue tokens but we are working with bitcoin community experts to launch a protocol to do this.

Briefly run us through how Eidoo’s token sale will be conducted?

Our token sale is already ongoing and interested participants will have to visit our crowdsale site where they will have to;

  1. Download our app either on Android or iOS.
  2. Deposit a desired amount of Ethereum onto their Eidoo wallet
  3. Then they click on the “Join Eidoo Token Sale” button enabled within the wallet.
  4. Then they choose the amountg of Ethereum they wish to transfer in exchange for an equivalent amount of EDO tokens; there is no required minimum amount, no amount is too small.
  5. They proceed to accept the terms and conditions of the token sale.
  6. Transfer will then have to be confirmed.
  7. The transaction gets confirmed and then they receive EDO tokens in their Eidoo wallets.

This looks pretty straight forward. Thanks Amelia for making time for us, we wish you a successful token sale.

Thank you too ICOWatchlist for your immense support so far, we look forward to continued collaborations.


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