ICO Focus: Interview With Alexey Burdyko of Play2Live

Towards the later parts of December, 2017, we caught up with Alexey Burdyko, CEO of Play2LIve and had an extensive discussion with him about his project. The highlights of the conversation can be seen below;

Hello Alex, can you briefly introduce us to the Play2Live project?

Play2Live platform introduces a full-blown streaming platform for eSports and gaming industries with a focus on content generation and practical needs of streamers, providing unique interactive opportunities for all participants of the ecosystem – eSports tournament organizers, the streamers and the viewers.

Play2Live eliminates the following weaknesses of the existing streaming platforms:

  1. Limited opportunities for users and streamers to interact and no personalization options.
  2. Restriction of users in the ability to earn from their hobbies.
  3. Advertising is persistent and usually there is no option to disable it. The users are frustrated with the advertising and try to avoid it in any possible way.
  4. Every user who wishes to stream their game and earn from this action cannot do it on a regular basis, while they expect to start earning money just after the registration in the system and wish to have more tools to monetize their streams better.

There is clearly a use case for a platform similar to Twitch.tv that would offer viewers and streamers a new level of interactivity and authentic monetization schemes. Play2Live is the platform of that scale, facilitating 15 ways of interaction between a streamer and a viewer including a bilateral system of tasks, enhanced content generation process, totalizator and many others. Compared to the simplistic chat communication and donation options provided by the existing platforms, it is a real step forward in terms of interaction and monetization. Play2Live opens possibilities for monetizing the streamers’ content, which leads to a better quality of entertainment and interaction for the users.

The project started in June, 2017. Since then we have rolled out minimum viable version of the product: https://p2l.tv. Streaming core is available, P2P CDN is embedded in the player, blockchain-based totalizator is available as well.

For more on the features of the platform people can visit our Medium page

Why blockchain technology? Can Play2Live not be created without blockcain?

Blockchain technology adds value both for the streamers and regular users. Existing streaming platforms impose limitations on streaming (a certain viewing threshold, the need to fill out multipage application forms to withdraw money, trans-boarder fees for transactions that diminish the streamers’ reward, a lengthy waiting period before funds are transferred to the streamer’s bank account) – with Play2Live everyone can easily become a streamer and start earning from their passion for gaming from the very first stream. The streamer can monetize their passion in 11 ways compared to only 4-5 available on the existing streaming platforms. The platform operates on the basis of BitShares 2.0 blockchain.

The platform cannot be created without blockchain, since it will be impossible to provide flexible, fast and convenient mutual settlements between the users and the streaming platform (the pitfall of the existing streaming solutions), implement some of the conceptualized features of the project, and provide conditions for massive adoption of these features across the users.

Who are your competitors, and how does your project stand out from the rest?

Twitch.tv – high market share (80%), the majority of tier1 streamers use Twitch.tv as a platform for streaming. The drawbacks we see: only streamers can earn (and very few of them can call streaming their full-time job), poor level of interaction (the features have remained unchanged for the users for a while, for e.g. a chat system), neglecting Asia market, and reliance on 5 sources of revenue generation. YouTube Gaming – moderate market share (18%). The platform was launched in 2015 as a competitor to Twitch. The product is very identical to Twitch with only a few novel features added. Hitbox, Azubu are not the competitors since Play2Live will not operate in Asian market. The share of the other competitors is insignificant.

Advantages of P2L:

1. With Play2Live a streamer can monetize his or her gaming passion in 11 ways compared to only 4-5 available on the existing streaming platforms.

2. The viewers enjoy advertising-free streaming platform and can watch streams earning tokens in 5 ways. In particular, viewers are able to earn from: advertising (for each impression shown a certain number of tokens is transferred to the user); voting and other kinds of contribution on the platform; sharing their internet channel via P2P CDN allowing the streams to be broadcast to the other users; performing tasks set by the streamers; betting and gambling (the users are able to place a bet and win tokens while watching an eSports tournament). In total, 15 ways to interact with a streamer and a platform receiving LUC token as a reward are available.

3. Esports tournament organizers can collect funds for tournament arrangement for any game on the platform. The users influence content generation plrocess directly.

Any predictions as to what the value of LUC tokens will be in the next 18 to 24 months?

ICOBox experts concluded that the model of the LUC token does not impose restrictions on the growth of its exchange value, therefore, the growth potential of the token exchange value tends to infinity. (Page 19, https://play2live.io/storage/b/9/Play2live_token_assessment_report.pdf).

LUC is a means of payment on the Play2Live platform, since all transactions within the platform without exception may only be performed in LUC tokens. We estimate that as more streamers and viewers start to migrate to the platform, the more is the growth potential of the token.

We will employ buyback and elimination mechanisms to provide a favorable exchange rate of the token on the open market. This will ensure the exchange rate growth in the long run (we clearly understand that the majority of ICO investors will dump the tokens right after LUC hits the exchanges). Since we eliminate 80% of gross revenue before the project reaches the break-even point, the token holders can count on favorable ROI in the long-run.

Can you elaborate on the team members?

I the founder, Alexey Burdyko has over 7 years of experience in eSports. Founded one of the largest eSports holdings in Russia and CIS – Game Show Media Holding valued by Ernst and Young at $36,8M. He has organized 35 eSports tournaments in total, including intercontinental eSports showmatches. One of the trailblazers of eSports industry in Russia and CIS.

There are 16 team members with a solid expertise in eSports, gaming, blockchain and other industries. Key project representatives include Alexey Burdyko (CEO, ex-CEO of Game Show Holding, GSL.TV), Dmitry Kochnev (COO, ex eSports director at Mail.Ru Group, ex-Managing director at Rambler, ex-COO at GameNet, ex-COO of Xsolla, ex-VP BD of Astrum Online Entertainment), Inna Moroz (CBDO, ex-Head of global co-branding and licensing, Head of Merchandize Licensing Global in Wargaming. Work experience in: Wargaming, Rovio, Playnatic, Buka, Noviy Disk.), Orhan Zeynalli (Blockchain CTO. CTO/ Co-founder in Mapala.net, Travelchain, PM at Golos (machine learning project)), Peidy Hung (BDD Asia, BDD in Asia Game Show), Maria Mavrekh (CMO, ex-CMO at arb.digital).

Can you elaborate on the people in your Advisory Board?

Many top industry experts: Can Young (helps to attract streamers and fans to the platform and provides PR support to the project); David Drake (helps to attract investment in the ICO and advises the team in respect of the ICO campaign); Anton Arganovsky (provides networking with developers of online games); Victor Martyn (helps to attract streamers and eSports fans to the platform); Reuben Godfrey and Richard Kastelein (in charge for PR projects in the blockchain community); Pavel Pogodin (advises the team on all legal issues and legal security issues of the ICO); Greg Limon and Stan Milc (provide PR support to the project in the community and advise the team in respect of the ICO conducting).

We will add more high-profile advisors by the start of the pre-sale.

How soon will LUC tokens be available on exchanges and are you in talks with any exchanges?

The token will be tradable on the exchanges straight after the end of the token sale. We are currently negotiating with EtherDelta and Hitbtc.

Briefly run us through the process of participating in the P2L crowdsale?

We have a boatbuilding platform for save and convenient participation in the crowdsale

The price is 1 LUC = $0.05. Minimum purchase amount is 0.1ETH. The starting bonus is 30%, but can be increased to 35% in case of application via the whitelist.

Thanks for the elaborate conversation about P2L, we wish you a successful crowdsale.

Thank you too, you guys at ICOWatchlist are awesome.

For more details, follow the Play2Live ICO here.

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