ICO Focus: Interview With Alexander Kokhanovskyy of DreamTeam

Mr. Alexander Kokhanovskyy, CEO and Founder of DreamTeam speaks to us at ICOWatchlist about their project and upcoming token sale.

Hello Alexander, can you summarize the DreamTeam project for us?

A: For you to better understand what DreamTeam is I’ll have to give you some perspective on e-sports. Presently, e-sports is one of the fastest growing digital markets with a 33% annual growth rate. Its opportunities are endless: e-sports will have over 1 Billion enthusiasts & viewers by 2023, which is ⅓ of all gamers, and will become the #1 sport of the future. But with all this potential, the e-sport industry’s growth is still currently hampered by the insecurity and fraud of transactions, no single point of entry, and limited market knowledge and business tools.

This is where DreamTeam comes into play –  the first all-in-one infrastructure platform for competitive gaming and a payment gateway for e-sports! We are acting as the secured payment gateway ensuring mutual trust and delivery by creating the basis for a solid economy of e-sports. And by offering an all-in-one network interconnecting all parts of the e-sports ecosystem under one roof, our goal is to make e-sports accessible to everyone willing to join and compete. As an all-in-one platform, we are unlocking the possibility for hundreds of millions of gamers, millions of teams, dozens of thousands of sponsors, advertisers and tournaments to securely connect with each other and become a part of the global e-sports ecosystem, where we have a unique opportunity to unlock a $50Bn economy in a matter of a few years.

You have been running a successful token sale thus far, can you tell us the secrets of your success?

A: The essential part of our success in the token sale phase #1 is the DreamTeam Crew. It would be impossible without all of the guys working tirelessly often day and night to create the DreamTeam platform and ensure the smooth contribution process for our investors. We should also give proper respect to all of our advisors and partners and their extensive experience in a vast number of spheres. With their help we were able to avoid many pitfalls that have killed many great projects. Last but not least, the whole e-sports community longed for a project like DreamTeam for years, and their genuine support helped us reach our financial target.

What unique features does the Ethereum blockchain hold that made you decide to apply the technology for your product?
A: The DreamTeam blockchain infrastructure is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 smart contracts with Open Zeppelin framework (using Solidity language). The blockchain technology is applied on the DreamTeam platform via smart contracts that ensure contract execution and payouts according to the preset conditions. Smart-contracts protect all arrangements from retroactive changes. By using them on DreamTeam, we can guarantee payments of promised sums to the players or teams and fulfillment of all undertaken obligations to the tournament organizers and sponsors. We have also implemented an additional mechanism to control who can oversee and approve/authorize the payments within the network, i.e. only the team owner, only the tournament organizer, etc.

Where do you see your project in the next three years?

 A: I see the DreamTeam project becoming the “one-stop-shop” and a go-to place for everything in esports and competitive gaming. We have amazing plans that can be seen on our roadmap, and even more that we strive to do to make esports the #1 sport on the planet. In three years the DreamTeam platform will be more than just a place for players; it will be a place that will help develop careers spread across esports.

Are DTT tokens on exchanges yet? If not, when?

 A: Not yet. The DT Tokens will appear on exchanges in 45 days after the ICO end. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be in the loop and get to know more details that we’ll be releasing soon.

Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

A: Every transaction on the DreamTeam platform will require the use of DreamTeam Tokens. Their issuance is limited to the DreamTeam Token Sale Phase #1 and #2, with no more Tokens ever being issued. The DreamTeam Token Sale Phase #1 was successfully completed and the hard cap of $6M was reached within 4 days. The only way to acquire the tokens at this time is to do so during the Token Presale and Sale Phase #2 within a limited time frame on April 12 – May 19, 2018. During that time you can get a bonus up to 15% on your investment.

For more details, follow the DreamTeam ICO here.

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