ICO Focus: Interview With Alex Tatarchuk of Luckchemy

Luckchemy CEO, Alex Tatarchuk soeaks to us about their project and the Initial Coin Offering (ICO);


Hello Alex, can you briefly introduce us to the Luckchemy project?

Hi! Luckchemy is a provably fair online gambling platform driven by Blockchain technology and cryptography protocol. We are aimed at revolutionizing an iGaming industry by creating engaging and safe experiences for players. We create own games and plan to publish games of 3rd party developers. In the nearest future we will also offer White label solution. We already have MVP with lottery and scratchers games, so there is no need to explain – just try to play and you’ll understand what we are 🙂


What is off-chain cryptography?

Off-chain cryptography doesn’t use a Blockchain to generate of store combinations. In this case, a winning combination is formed from a randomly generated numbers from server and client seeds, which is still random and provably fair number but operates much faster then Blockchain based algorithms.


May we know which countries the platform will be piloted and what are the plans for expansion?

Since we’re launching iGaming platform we will only be available  for those countries where our licenses would allow for example our first license is going to be Curaçao remote gaming license.

With the Curacao Gaming License (sublicense) you can accept players from any country that the sublicense agreement does not prohibit. Typically between the master license holders the “forbidden countries” include Aruba, Belize, Bonaire, Curaçao, France, Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St Martin, USA.

Next one is going to be Maltese licenses and then we plan to enter UK and US markets which is a long road from now.

And by the way we also have plans on social mobile app for the audience from those countries where we cannot operate with a full version of gambling platform. Among first target countries are Japan, Germany, Canada, Italy, Russia, Mexico, and Brazil.


Can you throw some light on the underlying technology of your platform in the simplest of terms?

Our platform is driven by Blockchain technology and cryptography. It means that all transactions within the platform are safe and winning numbers are randomly generated which is secured by our own cryptographic algorithms. Neither user nor Luckchemy can influence this process because every operation can be checked by anyone and anytime.


Where do you see your project in a year’s time?

In 1 year we plan to have at least 5 own games and several games from 3rd party developers. By the end of current year, we also plan to achieve Maltese gaming licenses, roll out MVP white label solution and mobile app and start achieving. Thus, there should be a big platform with different opportunities for both players and developers in the middle 2019.


Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

Our token sale has started in April and now we are in the process of public sale.

The numbers of tokens to be issued 1,000,000,000

Tokens for Sale 700,000,000 (70%)

Soft Cap 2,000 ETH

Hard Cap 45,360 ETH

Public stages

10.5% of LUK Tokens (up to 105,000,000 LUK) 40% discount – current stage

17.5% of LUK Tokens (up to 175,000,000 LUK) 20% discount

35% of LUK Tokens (up to 350,000,000 LUK) w/o discount

Also we’re running many bounty campaigns and welcome everyone to participate.


Thanks for your time Alex, we wish you a successful sale

Thank you too guys, you are awesome.


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