HTC Phones and Litecoin Seal Partnership

HTC is getting close to developing what can be regarded as the world’s first functional native Blockchain phone. The HTC Blockchain phone class will be referred to as Exodus. HTC Exodus will make use of Blockchain technology to help give users experience enhanced features as never seen before.

There has been a lot of hype building up about the phone due to the announcement and the heightened interest has been further fuelled by the partnership which the company sealed with Litecoin. This has Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee joining the company’s advisory board. The partnership will result in HTC Exodus supporting the Litecoin cryptocurrency as well as its underpinning Blockchain network.

With this partnership, “Every HTC Exodus phone will serve as a node for the Litecoin network.”

The HTC Exodus phone is slated for release in the third quarter of this year and since each phone will serve as a node for the Litecoin Blockchain, users will be able to own their own identity on a decentralized platform. In addition to this, the phone will come with default cold storage wallets for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Speaking on the partnership with Litecoin, HTC’s Chief Crypto Officer said that;

“Through the Exodus, we are also excited to be supporting underlying protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity and more… We would like to support the entire Blockchain ecosystem and in the next few months we’ll be announcing many more exciting partnerships together. Together, we want to craft the best Blockchain and decentralized application experiences to end consumers.”

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee also confirmed this partnership on his twitter;