How To Get Free Bitcoins? 5 Proven Ways People are Getting Them In 2018

Did you know that as at the time of crafting this post (31st of August 2018 to be precise), Bitcoin was worth $7,127? That’s a fortune; wouldn’t you agree?

But then, what about a free Bitcoin? Or maybe the better question is, is it even possible to get free Bitcoins without having to mine today?

To cut the long story short, yes, it is.

But then, this is what you must first of all understand…

There’s no such thing as an easy way to make Bitcoins – no, there isn’t. You will be required to offer something in return in the form of your time or knowledge for the “free” Bitcoins.

Are you still with me?

Here is the good news: With the right amount of effort, you can earn a decent amount of Bitcoins online perhaps in ways that most people like to call ‘free’ or ‘easy’.

In this article, I will show you some of the proven ways of how you can earn Bitcoins fast.

Let’s get started!

1. Create Content About Bitcoin

bitcoinWriting content takes a great deal of time and requires knowledge and certain skills. There are tons of Bitcoin companies that are always fishing around for great content creators.

Depending on your level of expertise, you could earn as high as $200 for a 1,000-word post.

Another way to create Bitcoin-related content is through Bitcoin Signature Campaigns. Established by Bitcointalk back in 2014, you will be required to advertise a Bitcoin product using your Bitcointalk signature.

You will be compensated for every post you write. Of course, they have a way to regulate mischievous posts such as simply writing “great product” or “try it” for the sake of making a quick buck.

The platform pays you according to your membership level. You might not be paid much or anything at all if you’re not a full member.

To be a full member, you will be required to craft and post at least 120 posts under your portfolio to start earning an average of 0.0005BTC per post. Also, the posts will need to be original and have a minimum of 60 characters.

2. Micro Earnings

Bitcoin faucets  is another way of making Bitcoins but requires a lot of effort to make anything meaningful. Faucet websites will award you a few coins for completing some form of work for them.

From my personal research, some of the best paying faucets in the industry offer about $1.31 for 24 hours of work.

Coinworker is one such platform that offers tasks for completion in return for Bitcoins. The tasks could be anything, such as retweeting a post or testing an application.

If you’re up for this, you’re welcomed to try it out.

3. Offer Bitcoin-Related Services

Here, you can offer a wide range of services as long as someone is willing to pay for your service. A few examples of services include:

  • Graphics design
  • Data mining
  • Blockchain development

Prices for services in this category range widely – you may need to research after you have identified the service you wish to offer.

4. Bitcoin Mining

I will try to go straight to the point on this one. Mining Bitcoins is not a way to earn free Bitcoins instantly.

It takes an enormous amount of time, money, and research to get this right.

You will certainly need the right equipment too.

And just so I do not waste anyone’s time on this, if you’re a newbie, you might want to skip this one. Perhaps once you gain more experience with earning Bitcoins, you could look at Bitcoin mining.

However, for the pros out there, you have probably come across it and are familiar with it.

If you were to analyze it keenly, you’ll realize that the time and resources used in the Bitcoin mining could far outweigh any benefits thereof.

I have heard of a individuals who embarked on Bitcoin mining only to end up spending 100x the earnings they made on electricity bills alone. And if you thought that was funny, then you do not want to find out the much these persons migt have spent on cooling their computers.

I mean, it simply is insane!

5. Bitcoin Gamblingbitcoin gambling

Gambling is a game of chance – and if you understand the rationale behind any other form of gambling, then you probably have this one figured out too.

The internet is stuffed with websites that will happily take your Bitcoins to offer you a chance to win a jackpot.

One distinct advantage of being a Bitcoin gambler is that you do not need any special skill to become one – and if you play your cards right, you could earn quite handsomely from this.

Other Ways to Earn Bitcoins

Other bonus ways of how to get free Bitcoins instantly but require some effort from your end include:

  • Bitcoin Trading – Some smart minds in this industry claim that Bitcoin trading is a form of gambling that’s been given a fancier name. Well, that is for you to digest.
    This method might require you to have some knowledge of the Bitcoin market. It is also a game of chances since it isn’t quite easy to predict the prices of Bitcoins; If it was possible, we’d all be billionaires, right?
  • Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing – This is a straightforward one. It involves getting paid in Bitcoins for promoting someone else’s product.
  • Answering Questions to Earn Bitcoins – Websites that offer such an avenue of making coins will mostly require you to answer questions posted by other members. Whoever answers best gets the award. If this interests you, you can check out Bitfortip.

Well, there you have it. Those are some of the tested ways of making Bitcoins today.


Clearly, there is no easy money. So, if you had hoped to learn how to get free Bitcoins instantly, I’m sorry to burst your bubble – but you don’t have any other choice than to put in the necessary effort and time.

In conclusion, I hope this guide helped you unearth some of the possible ways to make Bitcoins and what it really takes to earn them through such means.

And if you know any other means of how to earn Bitcoins fast and legitimately and I haven’t listed them here; feel free to drop it on the comments section below.

Watch out for another exciting Bitcoin tip!