Grocery on Blockchain, the Magic of INS Ecosystem

Food is one of man’s basic needs – in fact it is the most basic of all basic needs, and as the adage goes, a hungry man is an angry man, INS Ecosystem has taken this literally knowing that even the most enthusiastic of all blockchain enthusiasts needs food. It is for this reason that the INS Ecosystem platform has decided to bring grocery delivery to blockchain technology.

With the grocery market standing as one of the largest consumer markets globally, it is forecasted to reach a market cap of $8.5 Million by the year 2020. INS Ecosystem sees that in infusion of blockchain technology into the space will bring more efficiency into the industry’s modus operandi which will in turn inure to immense benefits for consumers and other industry players.

The INS Ecosystem project has zeroed in on two major problems confronting the space; these are the abuse of by grocery retailers and ineffective trade promotions. Considering that the grocery market is dominated by retailers, it is imperative that solutions to help better improve their services be made available to ensure that consumers are better served.

The INS Ecosystem project sees many opportunities and business cases for more effective trade promotional methods for grocery retailers. Trade promotion spending represents 17% o the manufacturer’s sales and each year over $50 Billon of trade promotions never reaches consumers. A survey shows that 95% of manufacturers consider ineffective trade promotions as a major issue and this is where INS Ecosystem plugs in.

The INS Solution

INS Ecosystem will help channel trade promotions to the right quarters and ensure that grocery manufacturers get value for their trade promotion spending. The platform and the team will be doing this through accurate and timely information, analytics-based promotions, effective organization and partner integration as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will help gage the effectiveness of these trade promotions.

The INS platform will also ensure direct interaction between manufacturers and consumers of groceries. With the help of INS, manufacturers will be able to by-pass retailers and wholesalers to get in direct contact with consumers. This affords the space more transparency and efficiency.

A couple of manufacturers like Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser have seen the opportunities that the INS solution presents and have jumped on the bandwagon.

INS Ecosystem has therefore given the opportunity to the public to be a part of the global grocery revolution through its token sale which starts on the 4th of December through to the 25th of December.

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