Google Billionaire Sergey Brin is now an Ethereum Miner

Google’s parent company’s (Alphabet Inc) president, Sergey Brin in a panel discussion at a Blockchain Summit in Morocco held a few days ago disclosed that he has been mining the cryptocurrency Ether with his 10-year old son.

His appearance at the emerging technologies summit in Morocco was a last-minute surprise as he was not initially scheduled to in attendance. Whiles speaking on the panel, he stated that the concept of zero-knowledge proof for him remains “mind-boggling.”

Emerging Technologies – Panel from the 2018 Blockchain Summit in Morocco

One of our panels this morning at the 2018 Blockchain Summit was emerging technologies and trends – where blockchain, crypto, AI, and other innovations can meet and make a difference. Featuring Sergey Brin (Google), Brian Forde, Elizabeth Stark (Lightning Labs), Chase Koch (Koch Disruptive Technologies), Neha Narula (MIT), Katie Hain and Koichi Narasaki (SOMPO).

Posted by The Bitfury Group on Sunday, July 8, 2018

Zero-knowledge proof in cryptography is the principle which enables one to proof something on the  Blockchain without necessarily divulging the knowledge behind the workings of the system. This concept is being used by some cryptocurrencies like Zcash, and it is a major component in the privacy set-up that such Blockchains present.

Present on the panel were the likes of Elizabeth Stark who is the CEO of Lighting Labs and Neha Narula who currently holds the role of director for the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) at MIT Media Lab.

As expected, Elizabeth Stark touched on the workings and progress of the Lightning network and the benefits it holds. She also made her views known about centralized exchanges, whiles zooming-in on the pros and cons. “Lightning enables people to transact at a high volume using the underlying blockchain security.” she said. “This is really powerful. I’ve really never been more excited about the future and potential of what we’re building. Building up the core technologies to bring them to the world,” she continued.

CCN reports that Sergey Brin credited Ethereum mining with playing a notable role the recent boom in the computing industry. In a letter back in may to investors, he made a mention of this when he made referenced to the recent technological renaissance.

“There are several factors at play in this boom of computing. First of course, is the steady hum of Moore’s law… The second factor is greater demand, stemming from advanced graphics gaming and surprisingly from GPU-friendly proof-of-work algorithms found in some of today’s leading cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum.”

Despite the Google co-founder’s interest in cryptocurrencies, the internet giant some months ago followed a Facebook move by banning cryptocurrency ads due to what they claimed to be a proliferation of fraudulent crypto-based projects in the market. Facebook however reversed the ban about two weeks ago, and there is a possibility that Google would be making a policy reversal also soon. And with the increasing talk of decentralization of everything possible, there is a likelihood that google will be employing the use of Blockchain Technology in its operations soon also.