GLU Token; The Blockchain Solution To The Vehicle Owner’s Mechanical Needs


Having gathered a select team of experts in the auto-mechanical, fin-tech and automotive technologies industry supported by a highly skilled team of computer programmers, Gluon’s platform aims to positively disrupt the automobile space.

Gluon plans to leverage the power of blockchain by giving true meaning to the concept of “internet of things” as far as vehicles are concerned. The project will be applying cutting edge yet simple to use technology to help consumers understand their vehicles. Unlike existing tech products that diagnose the issues in an already faulty vehicle at a workshop, the Gluon platform will be able to forewarn a vehicle owner; thereby allowing the vehicle owner to reduce the cost of repair and also save time.

Additionally, the Gluon platform will utilize smart-contracts to help consumers and fleet managers connect their vehicles with manufacturers, part suppliers and repair shops. This way, vehicle owners will be able to diagnose the vehicle problems themselves, order parts and also request bids on repairs. The platform provides all of these features in an effort to assist players in the automobile value chain maximize utility by getting the most value for their monies.

The platform does not only serve the vehicle owner or consumer, it also serves the needs of the Manufacturer, the Auto-repairer, the Parts dealer and other players in the value chain.

How Does This Really Work?

The Gluon project is modeled around a multiple revenue stream generation system. The platform allows the sale of hardware, software subscriptions, advertising, monitoring services, diagnostics services, data services, ecommerce part sales and blockchain transaction processing. Gluon will adopt a friendly user interface which will make it very easy to navigate for the average Joe consumer.

How do you benefit from this Presale?

You get GLU tokens by participating in the Gluon Pre-ICO which starts on the 7th of August, 2017 through to the 18th of September, 2017. Being a multi revenue generating platform, GLU token holders will be rewarded due to expected steady rise in the value of GLUtokens as more multiple revenues flow into the company as it grows its product offering and consumer base. Token holders can also use their GLU as a medium of payment on the platform which is way cheaper than using cards or fiduciary currency.

At the heart of Gluon’s platform development is the special attention given to the security and safety of investors’ digital assets. Additional intrinsic features include; no charge-backs, secure methods of payment, faster turn-around time for money and the promotion of consistent exchange rates to name a few.

You could not ask for a better platform as far as automobile blockchain based solutions are concerned. Access to the Gluon platform is a one-stop solution to all your mechanical concerns.

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