Get Ready For The Crypto Capital World Summit 2018 in Lithuania (Plus Coupon)

We are pleased to announce that the Crypto Capital World Summit for 2018 will be taking place in Lithuania. The Baltic nation has set itself apart as one of the most technologically driven nations in the world and it is fast becoming a Fintech Hub as the Bank of Lithuania indicated that it is in the process of creating progressive regulatory frameworks for Blockchain Technology and Initial Coin Offering (ICOs).

The event promises to be an exciting one as it brings participants from a cocktail of relatable industries under one-roof. The two-day event is to occur on the 25th and 26th of April and it will draw actors from the fields of traditional finance and investment, cryptocurrency investment, new-school tech, Blockchain and many other closely linked industries. The conference aims to build synergies and fruitful collaborations between and among these similar but diverse fields.

There are thousands expected to grace the event and an impressive number of speakers who are industry thought leaders;

Timothy Draper, Venture Capitalist and Founder of Draper Associates/DfJ/Draper University will be treating the topic “Using the Blockchain and Bitcoin to transform and virtualize governments.”

Jon Matonis, Founding Director at Bitcoin Foundation will speak on the topic “Cryptocurrencies and the Post Legal Tender.”

Other speakers are Ilja Laurs – Founder of Getjar and Nextury Ventures, Loreta Maskolioviene – Lithuania’s Deputy Minister of Finance, Marius Jurgilas – Board Member, bank of Lithuania.

In order to have a more encompassing event, high profile Tech and particularly Blockchain entrepreneurs have been enlisted as speakers, some of which are Zoe Adamovicz – CEO and Co-Founder of Neufund, Shane Kehoe – Co-Founder of SVK Crypto and Ichiro Minamikawa – CEO of Cointed to name a few.

Coupon For The Event:

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Tickets to the event can be accessed here and it is imperative that interested participants book their tickets early so as not to miss out due to high interest and demand for the program.

The Crypto Capital World Summit is sponsored and partnered by the likes of Tech EU, East-West Digital News, ICO Watchlist and many more.