Five Reasons to Invest in Cryptaur

In the last couple of months, investing into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether has been quite unreliable or predictable. That is why investors are looking more towards new ICOs to get the new Ethereum or EOS among them.

One of such new ICOs is Cryptaur which aims to create a global decentralized economy of the future. The project is appears to be one of the brightest ICOs of the 2017-2018 crypto season. Cryptaur’s token sale has been split into 4 stages. Three of them are already completed and final phase will run from March 5 till March the 12th of March, 2018.

Cryptaur seems to stand out because of the following reason.

There are five main reasons for this:

  1. The Cryptaur project has already raised more than 70 million USD. This amount is actually sufficient to implement the plans that the project founders announced in their whitepaper. Even more important is the fact that there are over 75 thousand people already registered in the project, which is remarkable. All these people are not just investors, but also users of the future macroeconomic system that Cryptaur is going to build. Thus, Cryptaur is the only project that can launch its platform with an already existing solid client base which is expected to grow to as many as 100 thousand people by the end of the ICO.
  2. Most ICOs intend to create a single specialized application whose future demand is difficult to forecast. Cryptaur is creating a global platform for potentially unlimited number of decentralized applications, including marketplaces, hotel booking and taxi ordering services, goods delivery, job search, notary services, banking, medical services, online gaming and online gambling, as well as any other services that enjoy the advantages of the blockchain.
  3. A key strategic direction for Cryptaur is the creation of a decentralized application for users to manage the quality of their lives and their longevity. This is by far the most promising trend in the global economy for the next 10-15 years. And Cryptaur seems to have all the required ingredients for success in this regard. A team with years of experience in the wellness industry, good connections with suppliers and proprietary know-how. Dmitry Buriak, the founder of the project, has for more than 20 years been managing a wellness company that is one of the world’s leaders in production and distribution of innovative health-related products. Also, the list of the project’s advisers includes some world-class experts such as Victor Tutelyan (an academician and renowned expert in nutrition) and Aubrey de Grey (a leading expert in the field of anti-ageing) who was recently supported by Vitalik Buterin himself.
  4. Most if not all ICOs only accept investments in cryptocurrencies and this is a barrier that prevents mainstream participation because of lack of knowledge about how to purchase and handle crypto currency. Cryptaur on the other hand has already created what is called “The Crypto-Fiat Bridge” that allows any user to freely purchase crypto currency and invest with ordinary fiat money. As a result, the target audience of Cryptaur may become much wider than in other projects.
  5. One more reason to choose Cryptaur is that unlike all other ICOs Cryptaur does not spend a penny on advertising. The users themselves promote the project and are being generously rewarded for their efforts. These rewards will be particularly big during the last stage of the token sale that will last from March 5 till March 12, 2018. During this period of time, anyone can get registered in the project, invest it in, and also invite some friends and then get as much as 20% of net income from those friends’ investments. Users can buy the attractive Cryptaur tokens and completely get back their investments in just one week by inviting a few further friends to participate too. The 20% rewards will be paid in Ether soon after March 12.

All the details about the token sale and rewards can be found at the official web site of Cryptaur.

Registration in Cryptaur is already open and is absolutely free. To get registered, follow this link: Free Cryptaur Registration.

For more details, follow the Cryptaur ICO here.

NB: Article has been published as submitted by Cryptaur PR Team. ICOWatchlist only edited spellings and corrected sentences, but the article retains the exact same meaning as intended by the Project’s PR.
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