Ethereum is Number One According to Chinese Government Research

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has conducted an extensive research into cryptocurrencies with 28 of the top cryptocurrency blockchains in focus. The ministry measured each of the 28 cryptocurrencies against some laid down parameters (which are not too clear as yet) with results of the research enumerated in the table below;


The methodology translated from Mandarin reads;

“The evaluation of the global public-private chain technology mainly focuses on the basic technical level, application level and innovation ability of the public chain. In terms of sub-indexes, the Styme chain that utilizes the blockchain graphene architecture has the highest score in the basic technical indicators. The NEO whose goal is to use smart contracts to automate the management of digital assets is ranked first in application assessment. The first place in the innovation power index is Bitcoin, which pioneered the application of blockchain technology.”

Market and industry watchers have been observing the continuous interest of Chinese authorities in trying to research and innovate in the space. It is quite interesting considering previous crack down on crypto-trading within the jurisdiction. Could it mean something interestingly exciting is about to pop?

The full research is presented here.