Energi Token’s Groundbreaking ICO

As the name implies, Energi Mine project focuses on the energy and power utility sector. The project aims to encourage and incentivize power saving behavior with customers and consumers. The Energi Mine team is building a reward platform that will ultimately help reduce global energy demands. Users who successful drive down their energy consumption through the adoption of energy saving behavior get rewarded with Energy Tokens which have tangible intrinsic value and can be traded for goods and services.

In fact, people who subscribe to the Energi Mine platform can get rewarded for ditching their private cars for public transport, buying energy efficient appliances, opting for electric vehicles instead of those that use fossil fuel and a host of other energy saving and renewable-energy-using behaviors. One exciting twist is that Energi Tokens earned can be used to pay electrical bills as well as take care of the cost of charging electric vehicles.


The ideas espoused by the project team were so appealing to investors that the project’s pre-ICO closed earlier than expected after it raised $11 Million. The main ICO raised $15 Million and closed in a groundbreaking time of 1 hour 21 minutes!

The incredible speed with which investors lapped up Energi Tokens shows how much belief the wider globe has in the project considering the fact that the pre and main ICO investors participated from over 30 countries.

Speaking on the matter to us at ICOWatchlist, Energi Mine Founder and CEO, Omar Rahim said “The global interest in this ICO has been outstanding. Investors have bought into our vision to revolutionize and reinvigorate the stagnant energy market using blockchain”

The project team has some interesting project angles and tasks in the works – they will be announcing the opening of their Japanese, United States, South Korean and German offices soon. Energi Mine will also soon announce some strategic global partnerships within the coming weeks.

The project team is beaming with a lot of vim and works are ongoing to deliver “the remarkable” in the energy sector powered by the blockchain.

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