Eidoo – Your Digital Asset Manager of Choice

The enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies keeps growing with each passing day as more people venture the space and latch on to the various digital assets or currencies available on the market. The influx of new entrants into cryptocurrencies means that there is an increasing need for reliable, secure and easy to use wallet and payment services. Users want wallets and platforms where all their assets, tokens and currencies can be stored and used with ease. The industry is maturing as such singular asset/currency wallets are going out of fashion; this is where Eidoo steps in.

The Eidoo wallet is at the heart of this project. Designed as a multi-asset purse, it will primarily focus on mobile cryptocurrency owners with plans to expand to other devices with time. It is a single integrated environment that will be used to manage all tokens and assets intuitively. With an in-built exchange, coins can be traded directly within the wallet without the need to transfer onto external exchange platforms thereby helping wallet owners save cost – this feature further gives coin owners control over their assets.

Eidoo also provides Digital Identity (DI) solutions as an added peck through its application of Web Trust designs for pseudonymous sovereign identities, and it also provides users with digital identity cards. From its outlook, Eidoo does not seek to be labeled as just another project that does things that others are not doing, it rather aims to re-think how things are being done by implementing simpler and more secured methods. Its strategy is to make the user the primary focal point by bettering user experiences. It also offers a variety of services to select from and help to simplify the world of cryptocurrency for users who will be unable to deal with the complexities of the blockchain economic world.

For those looking to invest in a project that seeks to solve real problems with already tested and workable solutions, Eidoo is one to consider.

For more details, follow the Eidoo ICO here.

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