DreamTeam ICO – An Opportunity to Invest in the Esports Industry. Are You in?

DreamTeam is a project dedicated to gamers and those who are interested in making an Esports career. It’s a convenient platform that offers a variety of tools to create and manage teams, find, participate and win in tournaments, get paid, as well as search for sponsors. DreamTeam is based on blockchain and smart contracts technologies. It has the power to change the whole Esports industry, boost its capitalization, and involve lots of new people in it.

How much money is available in the gaming world?

 In the short period of its existence, the gaming industry has proven its profitability for game developers and hardware manufacturers. Selling games, consoles, and gaming equipment was the main revenue source in the 1990s and early 2000s. But then, competitiveEsports came onto the scene and attracted a powerful wave of viewers and fans. Competitive tournaments in popular games began to gather thousands of people in stadiums and millions of views on YouTube. This caused a widespread interest from the business world—professional Esports teams got sponsors for continuing their activity, and Esports events began to see the possibility to offer millions of dollars in prize money.

The process of involving substantial capital investments in the industry is continuing and progressing and today’s gaming industry is already worth $100Bn with 2.3Bn players worldwide, and most importantly, 1.4Bn registered users are concentrated around the top 10 most competitive titles. So right now, we are in “an Esports boom,” because millions of active players, novice, amateur, and pro, are becoming more and more interested in moving to the competitive gaming arena, and earning money by playing games. And many sponsors not originally acquainted with the gaming industry are becoming more interested in showing off their brand names and logos on stadiums, teams’ T-shirts, livestreams, and videos.

The regular Sports revenue is over $90Bn, and the Esports has a meager $0.4Bn. But if you look at the audience size the divide is not as large – Sports has a 5Bn audience and Esports – 0.4Bn. This means that the ARPU in regular Sports is around $18 and in the Esports it is only $1. All of this data makes us believe that the current Esports industry is a high-potential market with a limited growth due to the unstructured and insecure market conditions.

A separate issue is players’ salaries and tournament prize money payouts. In 2017, the average salary of a pro player is $10k/month. But there is always the risk of fraud even at the professional level, more so the amateurs. And it’s often the case that tournament prize payouts are delayed up to six months. DreamTeam developed a wide range of services, all of which will function on blockchain for secure operations management.

It’s worth noting that all contractual obligations on DreamTeam are done via the application of smart contracts and paid in DreamToken Tokens that are fast and secure. DreamTeam Token is its integral part and serves as the universal currency for making all purchases and payments on the platform. With DreamTeam, you don’t have a middle-man charging you hefty fees for securing funds that need to be paid either as a salary to a player or as prize money. And the transactions are instantaneous, meaning that as soon as all the smart contract requirements are met, you get paid.

What benefits does DreamTeam offer to the gaming community?

 First of all, existing tools and websites are too vague in their offering, have poor design and are generally limited in what they can provide to all Esports gamers, both amateur, and pro. Secondly, there is a definite lack of essentials needed by the market, as it’s virtually impossible to create a team without investing several months of time and thousands of dollars into it! And even more, is required in the long run to manage an Esports team successfully.

DreamTeam provides an all-in-one solution for players who want to build, grow, manage and monetize their team. For example, you can spend just a few minutes searching and choosing exactly what and who you need instead of weeks of trying and failing. Moreover, teams, players, and coaches can get paid salaries and bonuses of all types (team to player, team to coach; player to personal coach and so on) using our platform in a fast and secure way. DreamTeam provides a single solution to all these needs securely and professionally, that is easy for a common gamer to comprehend.

DreamTeam offers every player a fast-track to creating a team and the easiest way from novice, to amateur and, if desired, to professional gamer. For example, according to ResearchNow “Esports Gaming study,” 4 out of 5 League of Legends players and fans aspire to become professional gamers. And with DreamTeam, finding a team and starting on the path to becoming a pro can be done at the click of a mouse.

DreamTeam also boosts team creation and the general user base by attracting sponsors, as well as sponsoring teams and tournaments on its own. This lets the platform improve gamer engagement and increase the quantitative effect.

As for the game development side, DreamTeam receives free detailed APIs that provide good player profile insights. Right now the company is in the process of discussion with key game development companies to get more extensive and in-depth APIs. This will let DreamTeam provide better stats not only on players but teams and tournaments as well.

Some details on the DreamTeam ICO

DreamTeam Token pre-sale starts on November 13th. The first and second sales will take place on November 20-24th 2017 and January 2018.

Here is some significant information for investors:

  • It will be more profitable to participate in the first phase and get a higher exchange rate (1 ETH = 2000 DTT on the first sale, and 1 ETH = 1700 DTT on the second).
  • The first and second days of the sales will give extra bonuses (5% and 3%). The same with pre-sale phases—investors will get a 7% bonus on the first pre-sale.
  • Pre-sales are dedicated to experienced investors. The first one has a $50,000 minimum transaction amount.
  • DreamTeam tokens use the ERC20 standard. Then, in Q2 2018, tokens will be exchanged for a more convenient platform (at a 1=1 ratio). It may be EOS, Tezos, Waves, or a newly developed protocol.
  • Investors may use ETH and BTC on the first sale phase and add ETC and LTC during the second one.

To learn more, visit the DreamTeam ICO page!

The Esports industry may seem a bit complicated for a person not deeply involved in gaming. The best thing about DreamTeam is that investors don’t have to be Esports specialists themselves. The platform was created by people with a deep understanding of the industry, and this creates an opportunity for entering the market for all interested parties.

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