Cryptocurrency is Coming to the English Football Premier League

Football has a great global appeal and the English Premier League is one of the leading and most exciting leagues in the world because of this, cash-rich cryptocurrency companies are making a rush to stamp their brands on the league starting with talks with some high-flying teams.

Poland-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinDeal only last week struck a deal to become a shirt sponsor for the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football club which has just been promoted to the Premier League from the English Championship League.

CoinDeal Signs Shirt Sponsorship with Wolverhampton Wanderers

Sunny Singh, CEO of Van Hawke Sports when speaking to Business Insider said “It’s coming, it’s definitely coming. It’s already happening and I think we will see more of these deals going forward.”

Singh worked in the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) industry for over a decade but he quit earlier this year from FX company LMAX to set up Van Hawke, a company specializing in sports marketing with particular focus on FOREX and Crypto promotion in the sports industry.

Football is the most popular sport on the globe and the English Premier League seems to have the widest reach of all the leagues at the moment. It is estimated that the league broadcasts in 212 territories and reaches as much as 4.7 Billion people annually.

Not only are crypto-companies eager to partner with football teams, the teams themselves have also shown openness and eagerness to cement such partnerships. Singh says, just as teams such as Manchester United have official partners with almost everything from credit card to tractors, they can also have an official cryptocurrency partner.

“We are currently in discussions with over 70% of the Premier League,” Singh said, “same as Formula 1 and Formulae E. Those are our three biggest sports in terms of firms who are actively seeking category sponsorship. We’re also speaking directly with agents in terms of their clients being brand ambassadors.”

Barcelona and Argentina’s Lionel Messi already signed up to promote a “Blockchain Phone,” whiles Columbia’s James Rodriguez has launched his own cryptocurrency for a company he has interest in.

Singh adds that “there are discussions taking place behind the scenes and I think it’s something we’ll see a lot more of in the near future. Just like any new market, it will take time.”