That Crypto Moment Part II: When Your Coin Balance Suddenly Went to Zero

I believe some blockchain and crypto-enthusiasts can relate to those instances when you leisurely opened up your cryptocurrency wallets to see that the balance in them were either lower than was expected or even sometimes zero! I encountered this for the first time with my Coinomi wallet. Some months ago, I refreshed my Coinomi mobile wallet and within seconds I saw my balance read zero. At that point, I was more startled than alarmed. Even though my real balance reappeared about a minute later, I believe that wallet providers should do well to help reduce such incidences that might cause users to panic. Due to this experience, I have been able to allay the fears of friends I introduced to bitcoin who encountered such knowing that it was just a passing moment.

A colleague here at ICOWatchlist also recounts an instance when the balances in his ledger multi-currency hardware wallet seemed to have been emptied. He recalls the perspiration he felt and the state of bewilderment he had to momentarily endure. His saving grace was a do-it-yourself YouTube video he came across as he frantically searched for ways to recover his coins and luckily, he was able to retrieve them.

It is imperative that service providers in the crypto-currency space, especially exchanges and wallet service providers go over and above in their service delivery to clients. This is because security of currency and assets ranks at the very top of concerns for cyptocurrency holders. People need to have surety that their assets are secure and that they can always have access with little or no qualms.

For cryptocurrencies to attain mass adoption, issues of digital assets security and ease of access by owners will have to be full-proof. People will not want to lose their savings due to no fault of theirs. Events such of that of Mt.Gox is a scar on the crypto-world that should not be allowed to occur again and as such those who have chosen to play the role of holding and securing our assets must be ready to go that extra mile in ensuring that their platforms function right and with as little glitch as possible.