Crypterium Review: Is The Digital Bank Finally Here?

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The digital age is here, and it is unfolding rather quickly as the demand for digital assets increases at an unprecedented rate. Global digital transactions, between 2014 and 2015, grew by about 11.2% to hit $433 billion. And, by 2020, the global economy is expected to hit $3 trillion.

To provide access to digital currencies to everyday internet users, dedicated crypto-banking services will be required. This is why Crypterium was founded. It is a crypto-bank that was carefully designed to help satisfy this growing demand for digital assets.

Crypterium is designed to operate as a “crypto-bank” for the “crypto-people.” This post is a comprehensive review of Crypterium to establish the way it works, and seeks answers to critical questions such as, “Is Crypterium legit?” and “Should you join the Crypterium platform?”

What Is Crypterium?

Crypterium is a decentralized, open-source platform designed to help crypto users manage all their digital assets on a single platform. Essentially, it is designed to help people handle cryptocurrencies the way they handle fiat currencies. Some might simply call it a digital bank.

It is an Estonian- and Cyprus-based platform created by a team of Blockchain and financial experts which include Steven Polyak, Austin Kimm, Gleb Markov, and Vladimir Gorbunov. The team wanted to help the crypto niche overcome the barriers that have been preventing it from moving up the next level.

The team also released a digital token, referred to as the Crypterium Coin (CRPT), for powering transactions on the platform. Although the price of CRPT fell from about $2.20 to about $0.60 between January and mid-February 2018, it has remained relatively stable through the close of September 2018.

Crypterium: A 4.3 Star Rated Platform

Crypterium is a highly rated cryptocurrency platform and was released at the right time when the industry had been seeking support to help it move on to the next level. Furthermore, its design has thrown the entire industry into a frenzy because of some of its unique features.

The platform’s high-rating also stems from the creative features that make the project interesting for the entire whole industry. And, the platform does not just target the Blockchain niche. Even other payment platforms, such as AndroidPay and ApplePay, will be able to plug into it to make direct payments easier.

While most of the components are indeed enthralling, many people are hesitant to rate the platform any higher than 4.3 stars because it is still relatively new. This implies that most of the features are still being tested and it will take time before they are considered stable and reliable.

How Does Crypterium Work?

The Crypterium platform was created to run just like a traditional financial institution, and empowers

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individuals and companies to build and strengthen their products. Here are the main features and services offered by Crypterium:

  • Mobile Crypto-bank: This was one of the top items that the development team crafted to add value to the platform. The crypto-bank is designed to facilitate instant cryptocurrency payments, run loyalty programs, and process contactless payments for clients.
  • Cryptocurrency acquisition: This feature is designed to integrate with PoS software and facilitate crypto-to-fiat settlements as a solution for the retail traders.
  • OpenAPI Platform: This is an app store created for retail cryptocurrency software and solutions. The platform is also designed to operate with its decentralized server and third-party integration.
  • Credit Token Exchange: This exchange is designed to facilitate the direct exchange of different digital assets, features native integrations and a marketplace.

As mentioned, the platform is aimed at offering services similar to the conventional bank, but with the focus being on the digital ecosystem. Other features of the ecosystem include its multi-signature wallet and real-time fraud monitoring.

A Closer Look At The Crypterium Coin

Unlike most blockchain projects, which only feature one coin, Crypterium has two tokens: the CRPT and CRED tokens. The CRPT tokens are the main tokens that were released during the Crypterium ICO, while the CRED token is used as the platform’s sub-token.

  • CRPT tokens: This token is designed to help motivate users to join the platform and use its services. Holders receive 30% of transaction charges made by users on the platform.

Users who hold more than 25,000 tokens are considered to have a platinum stake. This implies that they shall receive 50% of all transaction revenue. However, all other CRPT tokens are considered Silver tokens, and only receive 10% of transaction charges.

  • CRED tokens: These are considered sub-tokens, and provide users with an opportunity to craft a complete banking structure based on the Crypterium blockchain.

Users on the platform can get credit loans on a CRPT:CRED ratio, which uses smart contracts. You can even convert the tokens to fiat currency to run conventional projects.

During the Crypterium token sale, which was held in October and November 2017, a total of 99,983,677 tokens were issued. 70% of the tokens were released into the market, while the other 30% were reserved for the project’s needs.


This review found Crypterium to be the platform that the crypto community has been waiting for to help the industry move on to the next phase. Its unique design allows almost all stakeholders in the niche to join and adds value to their operations, which makes it a must-have for many in the industry. Here is a summary of the platform.


  • Easy integration with other monetary services such as the QR code system and SamsungPay.
  • Provides contactless card with support from international stores.
  • Offers real-time fraud monitoring to guarantee users optimal security.
  • An intuitive user interface.
  • The native coin has been performing relatively well in the market.
  • The development team is very aggressive in crafting new and more secure features.


  • The cryptocurrency community is concerned that the platform is being overly ambitious.
  • The project is still very new and will need time for the features to be proven stable.

Is Crypterium a scam? This Crypterium review established that the platform was created with a particular focus on addressing some of the gaps that exist in the blockchain niche. Its committed development team, as well as a well-outlined white paper, gives Crypterium the legitimacy that has convinced much of the community to invest in its native tokens.

So, if you are searching for a great platform to join, one that expects to offer huge benefits in the coming years, Crypterium is no doubt a great option. However, it is important to join it cautiously because the project is still new, and most of its features are still being tested.