The Clinic In Botswana That Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are gradually becoming popular on the African continent even though the adoption of it is still pretty slow. Lately, news trickling out of the continent has been encouraging with some governments giving digital currencies support in a couple jurisdictions.

Gradually the continent is witnessing the rise of cryptocurrency advocate groups who are creating awareness about digital currencies as well as new start-ups springing up and providing solutions to clients on the back of blockchain technology.

It is therefore exciting to discover that in Botswana’s capital city Gaborone, a private clinic known as Sharada Clinic accepts Bitcons as a means of payment for treatments. The clinic managed by Dr. Donald Ariisa is the only health institution in the country that accepts bitcoins as at yet.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Dr. Ariisa says he could not remember exactly where he heard about bitcoin, he however disclosed that he enjoys watching technology shows.

He states that being a technologically inclined person and having built his clinic with a vision to make it technology-driven, it was just natural for him to explore modern payments method as such his decision to accept bitcoins.

He added that is not daunted by the talks of bitcoin or cryptocurrency value volatility. “All technology is volatile, and there will always be early adopters that will prove the technology viable”. He also says he wishes to be part of the birth of a new currency that will create so much freedom for humanity.

The Motswana medical doctor says he is of the firm belief that soon other clinics and agencies in the country will follow his lead in accepting bitcoin for their services.

“I am happy to see the satisfaction when patients pay for their healthcare with Bitcoin,” he stated in excitement. “My challenge is fully understanding the currency, but then again, we don’t even understand the currencies we have been using for years.”